[VIDEO] Here’s Something Magical That You’ll Never See Happen at Any Dem Rally, Ever

[VIDEO] Here’s Something Magical That You’ll Never See Happen at Any Dem Rally,  Ever

Well, I managed to find something on the internet that you will never — and I repeat NEVER — see at a Democrat political rally. Ever. So what is it? A big crowd? Kind, patriotic people? Well, yes, on both, but this magical moment was so special and so amazing, I promise you, you’ll never see a crowd of Dems randomly bust out in the National Anthem. But that’s exactly what happened at President Trump’s Saturday rally in Texas. And it was a moment of pure, 100 percent authentic emotion.

It happened at the regional fairgrounds in Nueces County.

President Donald Trump swooped into South Texas on Saturday to energize Republicans for the midterm elections in Texas, saying his supporters would fuel wide margins of victory.

“This Nov. 8, the MAGA movement is going to deliver another Texas-sized landslide,” Trump said during a rally outside Corpus Christi.

Trump sought to leave his imprint on a host of competitive races, including Gov. Greg Abbott’s reelection bid and a trio of South Texas congressional races. And he unleashed attacks against a number of Democratic candidates, seeming to underscore how competitive some races have become.

Trump called Abbott’s opponent, Beto O’Rourke a “flake.” He called Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s challenger, Mike Collier, a “Biden-loving radical Democrat.” And he labeled Attorney General Ken Paxton’s rival, Rochelle Garza, an “ultra-leftist.”

Trump’s rally came two days before early voting starts for the November election in Texas. And it came a day after the U.S. House committee investigating Jan. 6 subpoenaed Trump, demanding he testify about his efforts to overturn his 2020 reelection loss.

At the rally, Trump mentioned the subpoena and said lawmakers should instead investigate the “cooked, stolen election” — a claim that has been repeatedly debunked by audits, court rulings and members of his own administration. He urged supporters to fight back by delivering “a crushing rebuke to the radical-left maniacs” in the midterms, and again teased a possible run in 2024.”I will probably have to do it again,” he said to the crowd.

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Polls show that Republican statewide officials are in the lead in their races, sometimes by a comfortable margin, but they appear to be taking no chances.

But it was this moment, that made the night so magical, and many people said it gave them chills.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people are saying online:

“There is hope for our country!”

“I would love to be at one of his rallies with so many amazing patriots. Maybe someday!” 


“This is the main difference between the left and the middle/right. The love of their country and constitution.”

“The left thinks that loving your country is a cult, but these are the same people who worship the government and big pharma” 

“And the left will lose their collective minds in 3…2…1…The National Anthem is their kryptonite.”

“OMG look at all these domestic terrorists LOL” 

“Land of the free… Well, we’re not actually free, but hopefully someday” 

“The triggered liberals in this thread are astounding. The National Anthem really sets them off” 

“There’s nothing a Democrat hates more than the National Anthem. They turn into demons when it starts playing” 

I’ll never forget this moment. I was carrying my daughter and putting her to bed when I heard this break out on TV…. And I thought… baby, this is #America. This is what I want for my kids.”

“Trump is a great guy. He’s a man of the people, not a man of the establishment and bureaucracy” 

“Think this would ever happen at a Democrat rally? They’d be burning the flag.”

“What a wonderful moment. This is what America is, not the confused, perverted, ugly thing Joe Biden has turned it into” 

An amazing moment, and I know President Trump felt moved and proud at that moment.

He doesn’t have to do all this. But THIS right here, is why he does it.

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