Trump To Stump For Florida Senator Marco Rubio!!

Trump To Stump For Florida Senator Marco Rubio!!

On Sunday, November 6, Donald Trump will support a significant statewide candidate in Miami. The event is scheduled to take place at the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition Center, and the former president said that he will participate alongside U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio.

In Florida, where Senator Marco Rubio has a 19-0 undefeated endorsement record for the year 2022, Trump will make an appearance “in favor of supported candidate and special guest Senator Marco Rubio.”

“President Trump used his slate of approved candidates across the board to deliver a historic red wave for Florida in the 2018 midterm elections, transforming the Sunshine State into the MAGA bastion it is today. Florida is now an America First Red State, according to President Trump, who changed the state’s status from purple to red.


Trump gave Rubio his support in 2021, praising the senator for his support throughout the Russia investigation.

“Marco will never fail the wonderful citizens of Florida or our Nation!” Trump’s support was stated.

The previous President’s 2018 endorsements were included in the news release from the Trump campaign, with Ron DeSantis being the most notable (and regrettable) of those long-gone attaboys. In a recent interview that was made public, Trump regretted his endorsement.

According to recordings from a September 2021 Trump interview published by Upcoming York Times reporter Maggie Haberman into her new book, DeSantis would have been stuck at just “3%” in the polls if he hadn’t managed to persuade the former President to back him in 2018.

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Trump told Haberman, “He was at 3%.” The people of Florida, however, did not connect him with the title of “Governor.”

Trump said, “They watched him defending me on ‘Russia, Russia, Russia. “But you know, sometimes you see it, but you don’t say, ‘Oh, he’s going to be Governor of Florida,'” the speaker said. I’d love your recommendation, he remarked as he approached me. Trump said it again. Ron, you’re at 3%, I told him. You won’t succeed. If you support me, I can, he said.

Before alluding to his main Primary rival, Adam Putnam, Trump allegedly said to DeSantis, “Well, look, you never know, but it’s not going to be easy.” He is worth $28 million. He has eight years of running experience.

Haberman has reported that Trump called DeSantis “fat, phony and whiny,” offering a unique context for Trump’s reiteration of the claim that he made DeSantis, one that he has made before with similar language and narrative details.

Because “people didn’t really know who he was,” he claimed, he wasn’t “very enthused” about backing DeSantis last year.

Therefore, Trump said, “Ron was at 3(%), and 3(%) indicates you don’t have a chance when he approached me for assistance or an endorsement. Like a rocket ship, he rose.

Trump and DeSantis have kept up a unified front in public, but rumors have grown for months that the relationship may have soured, particularly after Trump’s loss of the presidential election.

“Trump really despises DeSantis. Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair was informed by an unnamed “Trump confidant” that “he just resents his popularity.”

Among the purported grievances: DeSantis prematurely committed Trump to speak at the Florida GOP Statesman’s Dinner in 2019, he didn’t close beaches in 2020 despite Trump’s wishes, and the Governor skipped a Trump rally while appearing instead with President Joe Biden in Surfside after the Champlain Tower South collapse.

Trump’s comments on DeSantis are especially noteworthy in light of the former President continuing to work with adviser Susie Wiles, who famously was exiled from DeSantis’ orbit after his election.

Wiles, a veteran political consultant who was key to Trump winning Florida in 2016, also is widely credited with being the architect of DeSantis’ defeat of Democrat Andrew Gillum.

DeSantis wouldn’t provide a difficulty, according to the former president. “If I faced him, I’d beat him like I would beat everyone else,” Trump told Yahoo! Finance, noting that DeSantis likely would stand down.

But it’s obvious that DeSantis is still on Trump’s mind. Trump and DeSantis had their most recent argument when the governor of Colorado backed Joe O’Dea for the Senate. Trump’s moment, according to O’Dea, has gone. “A BIG MISTAKE,” Trump decried.




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