Vegas Showgirl Recalls Horror of Friend Dying in Her Arms, After Illegal Immigrant Went on Stabbing Spree

Vegas Showgirl Recalls Horror of Friend Dying in Her Arms, After Illegal Immigrant Went on Stabbing Spree

The stabbing attack on the Las Vegas Strip didn’t have to happen. The man who murdered two people and attacked six more was here illegally, and apparently, he was seeking comfort in California before hopping on a bus and heading to Vegas, supposedly to look for work… oh, he found “work” alright, as a mass knifer. The New York Post reported that one of the Las Vegas showgirls stabbed in Thursday’s horrific attack on the city’s famed strip recounted in a tearful interview with The Post the moment her friend and coworker Maris Digiovanni was dying in her arms.

Anna Westby, 26, who was also stabbed in the attack and suffered a punctured lung, struggled at times to breath as she detailed the broad-daylight stabbing that shocked Sin City.

“I went over to Maris and I turned her over. I told this guy to give me his shirt and I grabbed it from him and I started applying pressure to her wound,” Westby recalled in the bedside interview at a Vegas hospital.

“And another guy said, ‘Ma’am, you have a stab wound on your back.’ I said, ‘I know. Can you grab your shirt and apply it to my back while I apply this to her?’”

On Friday, Westby broke into tears as she struggled to make sense of why Yoni Barrios allegedly carried out the attack that claimed the life of Digiovanni and Las Vegas resident Brent Allan Hallett, 47. Six others were also injured.

Westby said Barrios was carrying a bag when he approached the women on South Las Vegas Boulevard near the Wynn Las Vegas and the Resorts World Casino. He initially asked them to take a picture with him for his logo.

That’s when women spotted Barrios’s knife.

“He pulled up a knife and he showed it to us as if modeling it,” she said. “All four of us looked at each other and were trying to make a decision… This is too weird. Do we agree with this? Before we could say anything at all. He grabbed the knife and he stabbed Maris in the heart,” she said.

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Barrios then allegedly stabbed another showgirl, Victoria, before he again turned to Giovanni and Westby.

“Maris made it only about 15 feet before she collapsed,” Westby said. “And he came after me and stabbed me in the back, and he ran off.”

Westby said she managed to call 911 when another man told her that she also was injured.

This crazy illegal had just arrived that very day from “Sanctuary State” California. This is what Dems failed policies do, folks. They kill people… and they call us “threats” to democracy?

The LA Times reported that after arriving from California, Yoni Barrios, 32, took a bus Thursday morning to the Wynn hotel and casino on the Strip to inquire about a job, according to investigators. He approached the showgirls, told them he was a chef and asked if they would take a picture with him and his knife.

Barrios thought they were “laughing at him and making fun of his clothing” and allegedly stabbed at least two, according to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department arrest report obtained by The Times. Maris Mareen DiGiovanni, 30, died from her injuries at UMC Trauma Center.

Barrios started running after the attack and later told authorities that he was looking for people to “let the anger out,” according to the police report. He allegedly attacked several people outside the hotel, fatally stabbing Brent Hallett, 47, in the back.

When the attack was over, a total of eight victims were identified, police said. Seven were taken to hospitals. Hallett was pronounced dead at the scene.

This didn’t have to happen.

Why are we allowing these rogue anti-American states to endanger the rest of us?

Our dangerous border must be dealt with — and until it’s perfectly secure, we should stop sending money to Ukraine to protect its border.

Our border is a wide-open free-for-all, endangering our people, but we’re worried about borders thousands of miles away?


Trust me, the enemies who are coming over our border are probably more dangerous than Putin, what with all the drugs, human trafficking, rape, murder, and drunk driving that’s going on. It’s a cesspool.

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