We Know Vindman’s a Traitor, But He Just Showed He’s a Cold Blooded Sicko With One Dark Tweet

We Know Vindman’s a Traitor, But He Just Showed He’s a Cold Blooded Sicko With One Dark Tweet

There is nothing “awesome” or exciting about what’s happening in Ukraine and Russia. Real people are being impacted by a “war” that Joe Biden is funding. A “war” that would’ve been over eons ago, if Zelensky went to the peace table, but that’s not what Joe and his puppet masters want. They want to take down Putin, and if that means killing civilians, and possibly starting a nuclear war, so be it.

And trust me, the left zombies are cheering all of this on, like mindless clapping seals. It’s amazing how when President Trump was in office, everything he did would supposedly start WW3, and the left was screeching. But now, the left is actually begging for it to happen. These people are sick.

Take, for example, that doughy, traitor Alex Vindman Remember him? The guy from Trump’s first failed impeachment trial — he’s the guy who loves Ukraine and has been pushing for more and more war, but refuses to suit up and go fight on the front lines himself.

But Alex will lobby to send your sons and daughters to die.

Well, he’s thrilled today, because a bridge that connects Russia to Crimea was blown up.

CNN reported that the bridge explosion was a major blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin. They said a huge explosion early Saturday severely damaged the only bridge connecting the annexed Crimean Peninsula with the Russian mainland, crimping a key supply route for Moscow’s faltering war in Ukraine.

The blast collapsed part of the roadway on the Kerch Strait road-and-rail bridge – opened by Putin himself in 2018 – images and video from the scene showed. At least three people were killed in the explosion, Russian officials said, citing preliminary information.

The exact cause of the blast at Europe’s longest bridge is yet to be confirmed. Russian officials said a truck exploded, causing Crimea-bound sections of the bridge’s roadway to fall. A subsequent fire engulfed a train of fuel tanks on a separate, adjacent rail portion of the bridge.

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God only knows how many people may have been hurt — we know 3 people were killed — and many experts suspect it was a suicide bombing by Ukraine. But Vindman is thrilled. This is a “dream come true for him.”

Here’s the tweet he posted and what he said: “I’ve been dreaming of this moment.”


There’s something really wrong with this man.

He was brutally roasted for that comment.

Here’s what people online had to say:

“You should make your dream come true by going to fight on the front lines. They need your bravery.”

“This is the guy who testified against Trump during the impeachment hearings, “blowing the whistle” on Trump for demanding that Ukraine investigate the Biden family’s corruption there. Are you seeing the whole picture yet? Do you see what this was all about, now?”

“Pogs don’t fight, they just clog up the lines at the dfac”

“We need you on the front lines! Please get on the next flight to Ukraine!”

“Lemme know when you actually go fight Spoogie”

“You got approved for a Krispy Kreme franchise?”

“”I’ve been dreaming of suicide truck bomb attacks, literally al Qaeda tactics, and have no qualms about admitting that publicly “

“Three people are dead, you animal” 

“That and eating an entire pie”

“Dreaming of acts of terrorism that kill civilians and risk Nuclear Armageddon is indicative of a sick mind. Seek help.”

“Warmongerers warmongering and the twitter plebs cheer them on.”

“The big guy got 10%.” 

“Never thought I’d see governments and former military celebrate things like this… true colors will always come out…”

“Do you dream about blowing people up often?”

“Remember when guys in the military looked rugged and capable of winning a war and not like some guy that would get caught eating twinkies under the bleachers at a high school football game”

“Thank god this neocon warmonger was forced to resign.”

The number of liberals cheering this on in the comments is alarming.

Look at this:

“A British ‘journalist’ responds to the killing of three civilians on Crimea bridge.”

The left is so hungry for war.

Meanwhile, all of those same people will call you a “racist bigot” for wanting our borders closed, but these “peace lovers” will cheer on explosions and killing and hurting civilians, to keep another country’s borders closed… and the only reason is because they were brainwashed for 4+ years to think Putin was running our government.

All lies spoonfed to these clueless dullards by politicians and the media. And they gobbled it up. Most still believe that nonsense to this day.

The propaganda in this country is just sickening beyond belief… and Alex Vindman is a disgusting, violent little creep.

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