[VIDEO] Wayne Dupree Just Solved The “Weak Republican ” Problem, Will These Gutless Cowards Finally Listen?

[VIDEO] Wayne Dupree Just Solved The “Weak Republican ” Problem, Will These Gutless Cowards Finally Listen?

Let me tell you a little something about the GOP. They are what’s called the “loyal opposition,” and the Dems are the “Ruling Party.” It’s always been this way, even when the GOP is supposedly in charge because they’re so weak and feckless. They’re always the opposition, bowing down to the left and their twisted agenda in some way, shape, or form. And what the left has successfully done to the GOP is they’ve used Christianity against them. The left knows if they toss around morality and Christian values, the right will cave. And it’s worked for a long, long time, and still does in many respects. But thankfully, many on the right are finally waking up to this game and aren’t falling for it anymore. After all, why do YOU care what some godless, communist progressive thinks about how you live your life or what your belief system is? Why do so many right-wing Christians fall for this game and cave to the left’s agenda?

While many GOP voters are waking up to this trick, GOP politicians are not as quick to change. They look like a deer caught in the headlights when the progressive media corners them on an issue and stars flinging around morals, God, and Christianity.

“Well, it’s not very Christian to oppose gay marriage, do you not believe all God’s children deserve to be happy and in love?” The media wonders, with their microphone shoved right into a Republican’s face.

It’s a gotcha game. Simple answer: “The Bible says marriage is between a man and a woman, and I believe in the Bible. I am not altering my religious beliefs to suit anyone.”

Done. Drop the mic. Walk away.

Why is it okay for the left to double, triple, and quadruple down on insane issues like 167 genders, something that is so utterly absurd, but we’re afraid to stand up for what we truly believe in?

We’re scared to say the truth, but the left fearlessly spreads lies. Think about that.

That’s called weakness.

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And it’s weakness at the very core of the GOP and their leadership.

I saw this tweet from conservative radio host Jesse Kelly, and I think it’s just brilliant I hope that more and more folks on the right — including our idiotic politicians – start taking this to heart.

Jesse was responding to this tweet: “Justice Jackson tells the Alabama solicitor general that the Framers of the 14th Amendment did NOT intend it to be “race neutral or race blind,” so taking race into account to protect minority voting rights is perfectly constitutional. Progressive originalism at work.”

Here’s what he said: “This is why I laugh when conservatives talk about getting justices “loyal to the Constitution”. Why? The communists don’t even pretend to be concerned about the Constitution. They’re worried about victory over their enemies. Do likewise.”

This was the topic of Wayne Dupree’s recent podcast, and it was brilliant as well.

Wayne really homed-in on what GOP politicians need to do in order to shed this gutless and cowardly persona that has held us all back for so long and landed us in this hellish spot we’re in today.

Wayne’s got the answer, but will these cowardly losers finally listen?

You can watch the video below:

It’s high time for the GOP to lose this lowly “loyal opposition” persona, and start fighting and behaving like the ruling party. We need to take this country back, and we can’t do that with “kid gloves.”

It’s great to be kind to people who respect you and treat you with kindness in return, but it’s foolish and dangerous to treat your enemies that way. Why would you think you can win with this “Mitt Romney” attitude? The “That’s Not Who We Are” is an establishment mantra that was designed to keep conservatives in their place, and you didn’t even realize it, did you? You thought it was righteous and said so much about how holy and moral you are. Oh, you foolish nincompoop, it was used against you for decades.

So many bought into it, including me at one point — yes, I was a nincompoop. But no more. Let that go, it’s all been a lie.

It’s time for everyone on the right to wake up and realize that we’re fighting ruthless communists — the Dem party is a radicalized group of tyrants. it’s time to get serious and stand up for what you believe in unapologetically, and never back down.

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