[VIDEO] Here’s What Happens When You Try to Be a “Social Media Influencer” And Taunt an Orangutan

[VIDEO] Here’s What Happens When You Try to Be a “Social Media Influencer” And Taunt an Orangutan

You may have seen this video. It came out back in June, and I covered it back then, but I saw it come around again online, and I thought I’d share it again, for those who may have missed it, because it’s fascinating, and now, I have a better sense of what actually happened and why the orangutan was so mad, so I thought I’d share that with you as well. It turns out that the 19-year-old guy in this clip was trying to make a name for himself on social media, and while at the zoo, he jumped a fence and reportedly started taunting the poor animal.

Well, understandably, the animal did not appreciate this — so he (or she) lashed out and grabbed hold of the smug guy and wouldn’t let go… and suddenly, this idiot kid went mega-viral and became an internet sensation.

The New York Post reported that a wannabe social media influencer got an important clout lesson on Monday: Don’t monkey around with an agitated ape.

Hasanal Arifin hopped an enclosure fence at the Kasang Kulim Zoo in the Riau province of Indonesia, Newsflare reported. The 19-year-old allegedly taunted the resident orangutan — and that’s when the peeved primate grabbed him by the shirt and yanked him toward the cage, as captured in an alarming video with more than 16.5 million views on Twitter alone.

“The visitor wanted to take a video [and] create content without permission,” an outraged zookeeper identified only as Ides told the outlet. “He crossed the safety distance barrier. This is very dangerous and violates the rules. We have already reprimanded the man. Please take the rules seriously.”

Footage of the incident — which appears to have first been posted on Reddit but went viral after TMZ picked it up — shows Arifin yanking his arm away only for the primate to grab his shirt and pull him closer. (Orangutan’s arms can grow to 7-feet long, according to the World Wildlife Fund.) Eventually, the orangutan manages to get a hold on the teen’s legs and nearly flips him.

“This was idiotic, stupid behavior,” Ides said. “It also put himself and others in great danger. I have reminded staff to ensure that no visitors have the chance to do this again.”

According to zoo staff, the prankster managed to covertly hop the fence when staffers were on a lunch break.

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You can watch the video below:

The social media prankster didn’t suffer any injuries and was saved by a passerby who alerted staffers immediately and managed to calm the creature down until they arrived.

The prankster was immediately thrown out of the zoo and reprimanded by the staff.

Yeah, this guy got “popular” on social media, but for all the wrong reasons. Nobody likes a person who taunts animals for fun. It’s disgusting, actually, and he’s lucky to still have his limbs and his life.

Also, it’s fair to note, that orangutans are usually nonaggressive towards humans, so I can only imagine how irksome this idiot guy must’ve been to spark that kind of reaction from the ape.

Also, orangutans are about seven times stronger than humans, and that animal could have snapped that man’s leg or arm in half without batting an eye, but he/she didn’t do that… which also says a lot for the animal.

The New York Post piece also went on to say that a Reddit user who claims to be an expert on apes, said they’re strong enough to rip you to pieces, and they go for your face and your hands first.” Clearly, this ape wasn’t looking to tear this wannabe social media influencer to pieces, but I think he/she was having some fun, teaching that pipsqueak a lesson.

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