Watch: Hilarious and Brilliantly Edited Video, Shows a Flirty AOC and Emotional Elon Musk Falling in Love

Watch: Hilarious and Brilliantly Edited Video, Shows a Flirty AOC and Emotional Elon Musk Falling in Love

I have said this so many times before, and I will say it again, we have the most creative and talented meme artists on the planet, both with video static memes. And this is what makes us so successful. We’re finding humor in everything, even the most horrific situations and that’s what sets us aside from the left. We are still having fun, and haven’t lost our sense of humor, even in the darkest of times.

And one of those creative and amazing meme artists goes by the name Maze on Twitter. I have highlighted Maze many times, and he does some brilliant work, but this could be one of his best. This video has already gotten over 10 million views.

This amazing clip showcases the rift between AOC and Elon. In case you missed it, these two went at it over the new $8 charge for the blue check mark.

Economic Times reported that as Elon Musk begins his reign on Twitter, he announced some new policies which has got some people riled up. Among these new policies, he announced that users will be able to get their verification tick (Blue tick) after paying a monthly subscription of $8. The subscription would include an elevated Blue service with a host of perks.

Currently, the blue tick is given to users whose accounts are verified by Twitter as “authentic, notable, and active”.

One of the people he got into a Twitter spat with was, Politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, popularly known as AOC and it was over this new blue tick policy.

It is speculated that people who will refuse to pay the amount will lose their verification badge. Musk has justified the decision to offer paid verification as a way to “defeat the bots and trolls” and expand Twitter’s revenue streams.

AOC mocked Elon’s new policy with a tweet:

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And Elon responded by sharing a screenshot from AOC’s merchandise website. The screenshot showed a hoodie priced at $58 dollars (approximately Rs 4,800) that was up for sale. In response, AOC said that all products in her shop are made by unionised workers who are paid a “living wage” and have health care benefits.

She also stated that all the proceeds from her online sales go towards “community organizing like our Homework Helpers program which gives private tutoring to kids who’ve needed learning support since COVID”.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see an investigation into where that money *really goes* wouldn’t you?

The two kept bantering back and forth, and a mini-war was born, so of course, it only made sense that somebody would create a video turning it all around, and showing the two actually falling in love, right?

Right, and that’s exactly what Maze did, and it went mega-viral.

Hey, even Elon’s mom loved the video. Here’s what she said on Twitter:

What a great video, I loved it. And hey, maybe AOC should start dating Elon. I have a feeling that’s about the only thing that could save her from her radical communist self.

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