Colorado House Seat Could Be Headed Toward A Recount!!

Colorado House Seat Could Be Headed Toward A Recount!!

If the present margins remain, the election between Democratic challenger Adam Frisch and Republican incumbent Rep. Lauren Boebert could go to a recount.

Election results from The Associated Press show that Boebert, who secured a seat in the House of Representatives in 2020 after defeating former Republican Rep. Scott Tipton in the Republican primary, was ahead on Saturday afternoon by little over 1,100 votes.

Under Colorado election regulations, Boebert’s lead is close enough to warrant a recount. If the margin of victory is less than 0.5 percentage points, the state must undergo a forced recount. In the most recent count on Saturday, Boebert was ahead of Frisch with 50.17% of the vote to Frisch’s 49.83%.

It might take weeks to finish the race’s recount. The recount must be finished 35 days after the general election in Colorado, which is Dec. 13 this year.

Frisch recognized the possibility of a recount in a tweet sent on Saturday, noting that thousands of votes from military personnel on active duty are still pending.

It appears that a recount will be necessary because the margin of victory in this contest was so slim, according to Frisch. “We are still awaiting the arrival of thousands of overseas and military votes, along with those that require signature and technical verification.”

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Additionally, Frisch stated that the ballots might not arrive until the following week and urged supporters to donate to his campaign so that “every valid ballot is counted.”

Boebert “I need your assistance to make sure we have the resources to finish what we started as this race comes down to every single vote!” On Friday, Boebert tweeted. She continued, “I told you all year, the Left would try everything they could to get rid of me.

According to campaign finance reports, Boebert significantly outraised Frisch in the general election campaign, raising roughly $6.6 million to Frisch’s $3.7 million as of mid-October.

Frisch ran as a moderate alternative to the Trump-backed Republican firebrand, branding Boebert as “part of the MAGA craziness.”

Boebert ran for office on a platform of conservatism and criticized Frisch for being out of touch with the majority of voters in the district, which includes mostly rural towns in the west and southwest of Colorado. Boebert founded Shooters Restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, which rose to fame for its gun-toting waitresses. Frisch formerly served on the city council of Aspen, Colorado, which is known for its ski resorts and as a vacation destination for affluent families from throughout the world.

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Charlene Greenway
19 days ago

Gotta give th*se democrats time to find the necessary votes to win, LOL.

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