2 Years Ago, Trump’s Former Aide Wrote a “Blueprint” On How to Avoid What Happened in 2022, And Nobody Listened

2 Years Ago, Trump’s Former Aide Wrote a “Blueprint” On How to Avoid What Happened in 2022, And Nobody Listened

We could have avoided what happened in 2022, if only Republicans in power, mainly at the state levels, had actually taken the steps that they needed to in order to secure the election. But they didn’t. And trust me, it’s not like they didn’t have a literal blueprint to follow, in order to fix the mess that occurred in 2020. As a matter of fact, Darren Beattie, President Trump’s former speechwriter, and the man behind Revolver News reported two years ago about what Republicans had to do in order to fortify midterm elections.

Did anyone listen?

Of course not. 

Let’s go over what Darren said back in November 2020:

The first thing was to Make Absentee Voting Rare Again:

Even before the arrival of coronavirus, absentee ballots were becoming more and more common as a means of voting in the United States. In 2016, 24 percent of all votes were cast by mail, and 41 percent were cast early.

America’s love affair with absentee ballots obscures the obvious truth: Such ballots blatantly invite fraud. Mail-in ballots can easily be requested by other people, filled out by other people, and submitted by other people. Paying for votes is illegal, and with normal voting this law is easy to enforce. With absentee voting, enforcement is impossible.

It’s for these exact reasons that mail votes are banned or sharply restricted by many other functional democracies. In France, postal voting has been banned since the 1970s for all except those living overseas. Finland also restrict mail-in votes to those outside the country. In Japan, voting by mail requires a doctor’s certification that one is disabled. A similar system was suspended in Poland this year due to the coronavirus, and leftists immediately screeched that the system would enable widespread fraud.

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The next suggestion was to Get Rid of Electronic Voting:

President Trump and his allies have mounted a fierce attack on Dominion Voting Systems, a company that sells voting machines and vote tabulating hardware. The company’s software, they say, may have been manipulated to shave votes from President Trump, or even transfer those votes to Joe Biden.

Every single election, there are cases of “computer glitches” being blamed for vote counting errors, some of them substantial. In Michigan this year, thousands of votes in Antrim County were mistakenly given to Biden instead of Trump after an incompetent (or corrupt) official failed to properly update election management software. 2,600 missing votes were just found in Georgia, supposedly after being forgotten on a voting machine’s memory card.

Whether or not these mistakes and others like them reflect broader attempted fraud, a bigger question is worth asking: Why are any states relying on electronic voting software at all?

There is absolutely no need for voting to be a high-tech operation. All this technology does is introduce complexity while reducing the public’s confidence in what is happening. Vote counting machines can be hacked, programmed incorrectly, or simply malfunction. In all three cases, it is possible for this to happen without ever being detected.

In fact, several other countries have banned electronic voting, recognizing the risks it poses. In the Netherlands, leaders abolished electronic voting in favor of hand-counted paper ballots in order to make any concerns about election hacking a moot point.

And the final point Darren made was to Count The Votes Immediately:

The single biggest reason that so many supporters of the president justifiably suspect fraud in the 2020 result is the ridiculously drawn-out nature of the vote counting itself. On Tuesday night, President Trump enjoyed massive, seemingly insurmountable leads in states like Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Those leads held up throughout election night, only to vanish as counting went on for many days. In Georgia and Pennsylvania, Joe Biden only took the lead on Friday, three days after the supposed “Election Day.”

There may be perfectly valid reasons that so many states needed days on end to count a few million pieces of paper. But none of those reasons sound convincing. To the average voter, drawn-out voting intuitively means only one thing: Somebody is trying to manufacture votes, and hide what they are doing.

Often, these slow tallies are deliberately encouraged by state law (or judicial rulings). In Pennsylvania, mail-in votes were allowed to arrive three days after Election Day, and be counted even if they lacked a postmark. In California, mail-in votes can arrive weeks later and still be counted.

This is a gross absurdity, and Republicans should fight to ban it everywhere they can. Voters casting mail-in ballots already have several weeks to make sure their vote is counted. It is perfectly fair to expect them to have their vote returned by the date of the election. If they cannot do that, their vote should not count.

As you can see, Republicans did none of these things for the 2024 election, because Republicans aren’t really serious about election reform, are they? They are perfectly happy losing races, and remaining the “loyal opposition party.” They rake in way more donations and get a lot richer as the underdogs, and that way they also don’t have to pretend to go after their bosses in the Dem Party.

And many of these state-wide Republicans are RINOs and NeverTrumpers, so they won’t lift a finger to make any “real” changes, for fear of MAGA taking control.

This is the sad, current state of our rotten-to-the-core government.

I encourage you to read this piece in its entirety, it’s a real eye-opener of what could have been done to avoid a lot of this mess. Now, it may be too late.

You can read the full piece here.

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