Another Cockamamy Pelosi “Hammer Update” Emerges, This Time Involving the Keystone Capitol Police

Another Cockamamy Pelosi “Hammer Update” Emerges, This Time Involving the Keystone Capitol Police

This Paul Pelosi story is getting more absurd and far-fetched as we go along. The story just keeps changing. And I gotta be honest with you, it really feels like the story is changing to fit an agenda. Early on, the media spit out all these “facts,” and because the facts were mocked, or didn’t “add up,” now these facts are either changing or being completely omitted and replaced with new stuff that works better in the story. That’s just how I feel about this. I don’t trust this story at all, I don’t care how many times they change it to make it “work.”

And now, it’s gotten even more stupid and unbelievable.

Have you heard the latest “Hammer Update,” this time involving those bumbling blowhard Capitol Police? … oh, this is a doozy.

We’re now learning that Capitol Police have live cameras fixed on Pelosi’s house, but the night of the attack, they missed what was happening.

That’s right. They missed the so-called “live attack.”

Fox News reported that officers from the U.S. Capitol Police have live video surveillance outside the Pelosi’s San Francisco residence, but weren’t watching it when David DePape, 42, allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, sources tell Fox News.

The officers were monitoring a live-feed of many cameras, which include surveillance of the capitol complex, but also monitor some points away from the capitol, which include the Pelosi residence.

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According to sources, an officer was monitoring the feeds and saw police lights on a dark street outside the Pelosi’s residence. When going through surveillance footage, the officer saw the alleged attack on Oct. 28, when DePape allegedly struck Paul Pelosi, people briefed on the incident said, according to the report.

The security detail traveling with Nancy Pelosi weren’t at the San Francisco residence when the incident happened, as the House Speaker wasn’t in the city.

Sources tell Fox News that Capitol Police pay less attention to security cameras when one of its protectees is away, and the House Speaker wasn’t with her husband in San Francisco.

If the officers were watching the feed monitoring in real-time, the break-in would have been seen.

When asked twice during a press conference if there was a security alarm system in place at the Pelosi’s residence, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins didn’t answer the question.

“There was no security present,” Jenkins said, responding to the question from a reporter.

So, basically, you’re telling me I have a better, more thorough security system at my house, than Pelosi does at hers, and she’s 3rd in line for the presidency…

Does anyone actually believe this nonsense?

Here’s what people are saying online:

“They must get their security from the same people who provided security for the prison Epstein was in.”

“Amazing tech fail. Again.”

“It’s okay, I’m sure the police body cams caught the whole thing. WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?”

“Stormtrooper 1: [Sigh!] Pelosi? Stormtrooper 2: Yep. ST1: Is your body camera working? ST2: [Pushes off button] Heh, nope. Weird, huh? Yours? ST1: I uh…forgot to charge it. [Making air quotes.]”

“And he’ll go the way of Epstein. Mark my words.”

“The “Epstein” feed we call it”

“I’m sure all the recordings are available, right? RIGHT?”

Okay, so the Keystone Cap Police didn’t watch the break-in happen “live,” which helps Dems with their story of why the police casually showed up for a “welfare” check, and why the cavalry was not called in. That’s very convenient.

But the footage was recorded, so let’s see it.

Because I have a question…

Are they suggesting DePape squeezed through that tiny hole, to gain entry, or are they telling us he made that massive hole to open the door from the inside, and then politely closed the door when he entered?

This needs to be explained with footage, not words from these bumbling liars.

Also, who called in the “welfare check” on Paul Pelosi, and why isn’t there an alarm that goes off when a window is smashed to bits at the home of the Speaker of The House?

Once again, more questions than answers.

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