Disney Went to War With Parents, And Over Thanksgiving Weekend, They Found Out They Lost

Disney Went to War With Parents, And Over Thanksgiving Weekend, They Found Out They Lost

Parents are sick and tired of the left trying to shove progressive politics and lifestyle down their kids’ throats. It’s as is Hollywood producers, actors, and directors think they’re better suited to teach kids than parents are. And these are the creepy, rapey ghouls, who you wouldn’t want within 10 feet of your kids. Disney is the worst. They’ve gone completely “woke” and are pushing the trans and LGBTQ lifestyle like it’s going out of business. And at every turn, the American people tell them loud and clear, “No thank you.” But does that stop them? Oh, hell no. They keep pushing harder.

But this latest flop may stop them dead in their tracks because Disney is in a lot of financial trouble right now and they’re dealing with a lot of bad PR from parents as it is.

So, what happened? Well, Disney’s Strange World bombed at the box office over the big Thanksgiving weekend.

The movie cost about 180 million to make, and after 5 days, only brought in an embarrassingly low 18.6 million. It was one of the worst openings for Disney animation in recent memory.

Usually, these types of movies garner about $55 million over five days… But this movie is uber-woke and features a “gay teen” character.

Here we go again…

The Direct reported that Disney’s “Strange World” received the worst Audience Score in Disney animation history.

The Dom Hall and Qui Nguyen-directed epic marks the 61st animated film from the animated movie giant, following the Clades family as they explore the mysterious planet, Avalonia.

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The film has been a source of controversy in its lead-up to release, as a number of countries banned the film for its on-screen LGBTQIA+ representation. It has also been met with middling critical reception early in its theatrical run, currently sitting at a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It is hard to tell whether Strange World will thrive going into the Holiday season, but its Audience Score might be an indication that the future is all that bright for Disney’s latest.

Disney’s latest blockbuster, Strange World, received the worst Audience Score in the Studio’s storied animation history.

The Jake Gyllenhaal, Dennis Quaid, and Gabrielle Union-led film got a “B” rating CinemaScore from moviegoers, putting it on the same level as films like Amsterdam, Tenet, and Micheal Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

As mentioned above, this is the worst mark for a Disney animated film and the only one to drop below an “A-.” The earliest recorded film from the Disney with this rating is 1991’s Beauty and the Beast.

CinemaScore is a calculated average of ratings given by moviegoers straight out of the theaters, so it’s entirely based on the initial reaction of the general public.

The full list of Walt Disney Animation Studios Cinemascores can be seen below, in release order:

Beauty and the Beast: A+
Aladdin: A+
The Lion King: A+
Pocahontas: A−
The Hunchback of Notre Dame: A
Hercules: A
Mulan: A+
Tarzan: A
Fantasia 2000: [No data]
Dinosaur: A
The Emperor’s New Groove: A
Atlantis: The Lost Empire: A
Lilo & Stitch: A
Treasure Planet: A–
Brother Bear: A
Home on the Range: A–
Chicken Little: A–
Meet the Robinsons: A–
Bolt: A–
The Princess and the Frog: A
Tangled: A+
Winnie the Pooh: A–
Wreck-It Ralph: A
Frozen: A+
Big Hero 6: A
Zootopia: A
Moana: A
Ralph Breaks the Internet: A–
Frozen 2: A–
Raya and the Last Dragon: A
Encanto: A
Strange World: B

What will Disney’s CEO Bob Iger do now?

Well, the sad part about this is that the woke left looks at this type of rejection as a “challenge” to break people’s spirits.

They will triple down on this nonsense and keep shoving the LGBTQ lifestyle down everyone’s throat. Because it’s not good enough to “accept” gay folks, you also have to celebrate them and make sure at least one of your children embraces that lifestyle, or you’re a dirty, racist bigot.

But in this case, parents will win.

Disney is on a collision course with disaster.

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