Woke Disney Makes Such a Shocking Move, Many People Thought It Was an “Internet Hoax”

Woke Disney Makes Such a Shocking Move, Many People Thought It Was an “Internet Hoax”

Disney really made a mess of things. The last thing you want to do as a company that depends on families to stay alive is piss-off parents. But that’s precisely what Disney did when their “woke” CEO jumped into a situation in Florida, where Governor DeSantis was preventing children from being groomed in schools by crazy left-wing LGBTQ activist teachers. This was the absolute right move to make; as school is not a place to discuss a teacher’s lifestyle or sex life, but if you watch Twitter, that appears to be the ONLY thing these activist teachers want to discuss.

Instead of defending children, and standing with parents, woke Disney took the side of the activist LGBTQ and this infuriated parents and triggered DeSantis to take aim at Disney.

NBC News reported that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday signed into law a bill revoking the Walt Disney Company’s special district status in the state, just days after the legislation was first introduced on Tuesday.

The bill, which would see the Reedy Creek Improvement District dissolved, passed the state Senate on Wednesday with a vote of 23-16 and the state’s House of Representatives on Thursday by a vote of 70-38.

For more than five decades, Disney has been able to make additions to its resort area, including new theme parks, hotels and other tourism experiences, without interference from local counties. That’s set to change in June 2023 now that DeSantis has signed the bill into law.

And now the man who started all of this, the CEO of “Woke Disney,” has just been fired. And this came as such a shock and was so out of left field, that many people thought it was an internet hoax. But it’s not. It’s very real.

BREAKING: Disney has fired CEO Bob Chapek, who pushed critical race theory and gender ideology in the company’s programming and employee training. Huge rebuke of woke leadership.

After Chapek’s disastrous fight with Gov. Ron DeSantis, Disney+ domestic subscriber growth collapsed, public approval dropped, and the stock price plummeted. Other causes contributed (economy, streaming saturation), but timing suggests they paid a price for the DeSantis fight.

Will be interesting to see if Iger, who is also left-wing, dials back the politics. I will be reaching out to my sources within the company in the coming weeks to see how the internal culture shifts.

The company took a big hit with the DeSantis fight, possible that he dials back the politics. I’ll be reaching out to my sources in the coming weeks to see if there are indicators.

Variety reported that Bob Iger has replaced Bob Chapek as Disney’s CEO, a shocking turn of events for the world’s largest media company that has been in turmoil ever since Iger stepped down as CEO in February 2020.

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The shakeup that caught the entertainment industry and Wall Street mostly by surprise was confirmed by Disney’s board of directors late Sunday. There had been rumblings of a shakeup in the C-suite but the prospect of Iger returning to the CEO job still seemed far-fetched. The turnabout recalls a situation a generation ago at Apple in 1997 when Steve Jobs returned to the helm of the company he co-founded after 12 years in the wilderness. Iger was out of power as CEO for a little under three years.

Disney stock jumped 8% in pre-market trading to $91.80/share early Monday morning in response to Iger’s stunning reinstatement. It comes less than two weeks after the company reported its lowest closing price for Disney shares in more than two years as the media conglomerate’s quarterly results fell short of Wall Street expectations.

“We thank Bob Chapek for his service to Disney over his long career, including navigating the company through the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic,” said Susan Arnold, chairman of Disney’s board of directors. “The Board has concluded that as Disney embarks on an increasingly complex period of industry transformation, Bob Iger is uniquely situated to lead the Company through this pivotal period.”

The news came as a shock to even the most senior Disney executives, industry sources said. Staffers learned of the stunning reversal in the press release emailed by Disney’s corporate communications team. The first reaction from a number of employees reached by Variety was skepticism that it was some kind of phishing scam or internet hoax. The shock was even greater as the news was confirmed and the stranger-than-fiction reality sank in.

This whole “woke culture” has seen its peak. People are sick of it and rejecting it everywhere.

If companies, especially Disney, want to survive, they need to stop “grooming” children to be part of the progressive LGBTQ religion.

That’s not their job, and they’re either going to learn that or suffer the consequences.

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