Lou Shares a Tweet Showing Exactly How Mitch “Threw” The Senate

Lou Shares a Tweet Showing Exactly How Mitch “Threw” The Senate

Mitch McConnell would not allow the GOP to take control of the Senate, because if he did, there would have been too many “MAGA” candidates, they would not have supported him as Majority Leader, and he would have lost his power. If he could take the loss, and keep MAGA candidates out, he knew he’d likely keep his minority status and his power. This has been his plan all along, and everyone was talking about it, and writing about it, yet the second his plan unfolds, everyone blames Trump. A guy who isn’t even in office.


Not to mention, today we found out that Mitch has a 7 percent approval rating.

That seems high, doesn’t it?

Back in September, The Federalist wrote this piece about Rick Scott’s RAGE against McConnell and GOP establishment who were actively sabotaging our chances in the Senate.

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick Scott wants DC Swamp creatures like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to know that his attempts to squash a GOP victory in the Senate this fall by throwing Republican candidates under the bus are “an amazing act of cowardice” and “treasonous to the conservative cause.”

In a short but fiery opinion editorial published on Thursday, Scott lambasted the “many of the very people responsible for losing the Senate last cycle” who are “now trying to stop us from winning the majority this time by trash-talking our Republican candidates” as “fools.”

“Giving anonymous quotes to help the Washington Post or the New York Times write stories trashing Republicans is the same as working with the Democratic National Committee,” Scott wrote. “If you want to talk about the need to raise more money to promote our candidates versus the Democrats’ terrible candidates, I agree. If you want to trash-talk our candidates to help the Democrats, pipe down. That’s not what leaders do. And Republicans need to be leaders that build up the team and do everything they can to get the entire team over the finish line.”

He never mentions McConnell’s name, but it’s clear from his writing that Scott is unhappy with the leader’s recent negativity towards his own party.

Scott’s rebuke comes just a couple of weeks after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell downplayed Republicans’ chances at winning back the upper chamber.

“I think there’s probably a greater likelihood the House flips than the Senate,” McConnell said. “Senate races are just different, they’re statewide. Candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome.”

According to Scott, this is just an excuse to keep “trash-talking Republican candidates and Republican voters.”

“Ultimately, though, when you complain and lament that we have ‘bad candidates,’ what you are really saying is that you have contempt for the voters who chose them,” Scott wrote. “Now we are at the heart of the matter.  Much of Washington’s chattering class disrespects and secretly (or not so secretly) loathes Republican voters.”

This DC hivemind, Scott said, wrongly believes that they should control the outcomes of elections instead of voters.

“The D.C. crowd should not choose candidates, and they do not, and they will not,” Scott wrote, noting that his election was strongly opposed by the Swamp,” Scott wrote.

Maybe Rick Scott wouldn’t mention McConnell by name, but Lou Dobbs sure did. He also brought receipts, to show exactly how McConnell left HIS so-called “candidates” out to dry.

Lou is right, it’s clear that Mitch and his established goons sabotaged our candidates by working with Dems to trash them, and also by not funding them.

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So, now, this wishy-washy group of GOP Senators will just keep voting for Mitch as the leader… and Mitch knew that which is why his plan worked.

Senator Josh Hawley is obviously over it. Here’s what he just said in a tweet:

“The old party is dead. Time to bury it. Build something new”


Well, Josh, in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been trying to do that, but because you idiots keep voting for people like McConnell and McCarthy for “leadership” positions, we can’t. And thanks to Dems’ ballot harvesting and mail-in voting schemes, even voters can’t get a leg up.

Personally, I think every single American conservative who is sick of this, should stop donating money to the RNC, their super PACs, and their candidates. We can show our power by withholding money and support.

We also need to force party leaders to come up with a big and better way to take over ballot-harvesting and mail-in ballots, because this isn’t going to get better, it’ll only get worse.

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