Donald Trump Responds To Media Drama Over Dinner Guests

Donald Trump Responds To Media Drama Over Dinner Guests

During a meeting with Kanye West, former president Donald Trump appeared to confirm rumors that he entertained white nationalist Nick Fuentes at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

When West, now going by Ye, met with Trump, he allegedly urged the former president to serve as his vice president. Trump has declared his intention to run for president in 2024, while Ye says he’ll make another independent bid.

Trump responded to the Fuentes drama on Friday with a statement, which reporter Jonathan Swan of Axios shared.

Kanye West has a strong desire to visit Mar-a-Lago. Kanye and I had planned to have dinner alone, but he showed up with a visitor I had never met and had no knowledge about, Trump added.

In reaction to an Axis report about Fuentes’ encounter with the previous president, the statement was made.

Swan and Zachary Basu, reporters for Axios, stated: “Fuentes, who routinely advances racist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, had been observed with Ye at Mar-a-Lago, but stories falsely said he did not have dinner with the former president.”

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Trump wrote a little longer statement on Truth Social, but he once more avoided making any direct mention of Fuentes or his prior racist comments. The Ye meal, according to the former president, was “short and boring.”

“Kanye West called me last week and we arranged to have dinner at Mar-a-Lago. Shortly after, he unannouncedly arrived with three of his friends, who I had no prior knowledge of,” he wrote in the post. On Tuesday night, many members joined us for dinner on the back patio. Dinner went by quickly and without incident. After that, they headed to the airport.

In his video, Ye said that Trump was “very impressed” with Fuentes and that heated exchanges occurred.

The rapper claimed that Nick Fuentes, unlike many of the lawyers that Trump was left with for his 2020 campaign, is genuinely a loyalist. “So Trump is pretty impressed with Nick Fuentes,” the rapper stated.

Although Ye and Trump have a history of friendship, after their most recent meeting, the rapper was more critical than ever. Ye claimed in his video that the rapper’s 2024 campaign and offer to serve as his vice president infuriated Trump. Ye added that Trump insulted Kim Kardashian, the musician’s ex-wife and the mother of his children, as he adjourned the meeting.


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Charlene Greenway
2 months ago

Kanye, or whatever he wants to be called, has mental problems and everyone is aware of that. I don’t believe whatever he says. As far as his arriving with un-invited guests, that’s just rude but typical for Kanye in my opinion.

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