Elon Musk Just Pulled The Biggest “James Bond” Escape Move On a Group of Shocked Reporters

Elon Musk Just Pulled The Biggest “James Bond” Escape Move On a Group of Shocked Reporters

I gotta say, this is probably one of the best 28-seconds you can waste online today. This is like watching a scene from a James Bond movie, where the hero outsmarts the villains in epic fashion. A gaggle of loony lefty reporters was waiting outside to see Elon drive off, and he ended up literally ruining their entire day. The reason all focus is on Elon right now is because he gave lazy Twitter employees an ultimatum. Work your butts off, or hit the road.

NPR reported that Twitter saw a fresh exodus of employees on Thursday as the company hit a deadline set by billionaire owner Elon Musk for remaining staff to commit to being “extremely hardcore” or leave the company.

Departing employees posted on Twitter under the hashtag #LoveWhereYouWorked, announcing it was their last day at the social network. Twitter has been convulsed with chaos since Musk finalized his $44 billion purchase in late October. Many accompanied their posts with a saluting emoji, which has become a symbol inside Twitter of respect for those who are leaving.

Musk already laid off half the company’s 7,500 full-time employees on November 4, reportedly cut thousands of contractors last weekend, and fired several employees who had criticized him publicly.

On Wednesday, in an email to staff entitled “A Fork in the Road,” Musk said Twitter would “need to be extremely hardcore” to succeed. Those who chose to stay should expect long, intense hours of work. Those who left would receive three months’ severance pay, he wrote. Employees were required to choose by Thursday afternoon.

The new wave of departures is adding to fears that Twitter is losing critical expertise in everything from how the site and its servers are run to how it keeps user data safe and complies with regulations to how it handles toxic and illegal content.

Sorry NPR, but Twitter is not losing “expertise.” They’re losing dead weight and lazy people who don’t want to work, and just want to sit around being “leftwing activists” for a living.

As of now, the site is running fine, and more people are using it than ever. I know this is a hard pill for the left to swallow, but that’s the truth.

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Meanwhile, progressive journalists, who are painting Elon to be the next “Hitler” were waiting outside to get a glimpse of the so-called “workaholic tyrant” as he drove off, and I gotta say, Elon made these reporters cry, in what amounted to about 28-seconds, with one of the most stealth escape moves ever caught on camera.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“That was the most clean escape I’ve seen.”

“That reporter crying out OH MY GOD was perfect lol”

“Master Troll move right there”

“Okay, that was some straight up James Bond sh*t”

“Sike! You thought WRONG!”

“Man, this guy loves messing with the left” 

“Thats gold, Jerry, Gold!”

“They say a perfect escape does not exist, after watching this, they’re wrong” 

“Bullying journalists must be frequent and normalized”

“Security detail came in with the defensive paparazzi block lol” 

“Wonder if his security is from Chad Security Services.”

“Okay, Elon has the best security team on planet earth” 

“The little joys in life”

That was amazing to see. Nobody loves messing with the left more than Elon, and he does a very good job of it.

More, please.

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