Elon’s “Reinstate Trump” Poll Just Revealed How The Left Manipulates and Attacks Twitter in “Real Time”

Elon’s “Reinstate Trump” Poll Just Revealed How The Left Manipulates and Attacks Twitter in “Real Time”

Elon Musk put out a Twitter poll several hours ago, asking if President Trump should be reinstated. When I first saw the poll, I got mad. I thought, why on earth do we need a poll about this; as if Trump is some kind of literal “Hitler,” or something? My God, we have the murderous leader of Iran on Twitter, but Trump has been banned. Why? Because he doesn’t believe the 2020 election was legit? Well, in that case, you’d have to suspend over half the country, because anyone with half a working brain cell believes 2020 and 2022 were both a joke.

This is the poll, Elon posted. Very simple, and to the point. Reinstate Trump, yes, or no?

Elon then said, “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” which loosely translated means: “voice of the people, the voice of God.”

For much of the time, the Trump poll was holding firm at over 80 percent wanting him to return, and then it suddenly started changing.

And that’s when I began to realize that there was more to this poll than I first thought.

Elon chimed in and said that the Trump poll was getting crazy engagement.

Here’s what he said: “Trump poll getting ~1M votes/hour!”

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Wow. That’s A LOT of engagement. 1 Million an hour? Unreal.


And that’s when Elon revealed what was really going on.

A Twitter user said this in response to Elon’s tweet: “The leftist bots who don’t want free speech are starting to attack the poll! It used to be at 80% supporting his accounts reinstatement but now it is at 52%… please stop these bots and save free speech!”

But before we go on any further, what exactly are “Twitter Bots?” Bloomberg addressed this:

On Twitter, bots are automated accounts that can do the same things as real human beings: send out tweets, follow other users, and like and retweet postings by others. Spam bots use these abilities to engage in potentially deceptive, harmful or annoying activity. Spam bots programmed with a commercial motivation might tweet incessantly in an attempt to drive traffic to a website for a product or service. They can be used to spread falsehoods and promote political messages. In the 2016 presidential election, there were concerns that Russian bots helped influence the race in favor of the winner, Donald Trump. Spam bots can also disseminate links to fake giveaways and other financial scams. After announcing his plans to acquire Twitter, Musk said one of his priorities was cracking down on bots that promote scams involving cryptocurrencies.

2. Are bots allowed on Twitter?
Yes, although company policy requires such accounts to indicate that they’re automated. The platform has even launched a label for “good” bots, such as @tinycarebot, an account that tweets self-care reminders. Spam bots, however, aren’t permitted and the company has policies meant to combat them. Users are encouraged to report policy violations. The company locks accounts with suspicious activity. To get back in, users may have to provide additional information such as a phone number or solve a reCaptcha challenge, which entails completing a puzzle or typing in a phrase seen in an image to confirm they’re human. Twitter also can permanently suspend spam accounts. Musk said in April that he wanted to improve Twitter by, among other things, “defeating the spam bots, and authenticating all humans.”

Elon actually replied to that person’s comment and said this: “The bot attack is impressive to watch!” and he followed up with: “Bot & troll armies might be running out of steam soon. Some interesting lessons to clean up future polls.”

So, clearly, this is how the left has been manipulating Twitter, with their huge bot army. Not just on polls, but on everything. They probably use that army to inflate Biden’s “support,” and support of any unpopular agenda item that they’ve been pushing, to make it seem like everyone’s happy and crazy about the idea.

They’re not. 

This entire process is fascinating to Elon, he’s actually amazed at how the lefts bot army works:

Thank God, he realizes that the game is rigged, and it’s all a case of “smoke and mirrors,” just like our new “elections” are.

I have a feeling Elon has already decided that Trump will have his account restored, as he should. It was insanity that it was deleted in the first place.

It will then be Trump’s decision if he wants to use it or not, again, as it should be.

And I think he also got a real-time understanding of the power of the left-wing bot army… which I think is why he conducted the poll, to begin with. He laid the trap, and they fell for it.

Let’s hope he squashes the hell out of that evil online (fake) army, so we can get back to reality.

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