Elon is Doing Something Called “Whaling and Culling” at Twitter, And the Left is Having a Collective Meltdown

Elon is Doing Something Called “Whaling and Culling” at Twitter, And the Left is Having a Collective Meltdown

The left is losing their marbles right now, as a bunch of lazy/dead-weight workers leave Twitter because they don’t want to actually put in hard work to make the site better. Left-wing politicians and journalists are acting as if this is the second Holocaust and declaring that Twitter will “die” without these lazy people who were eating and napping all day at work. AOC tweeted out some goofy solidarity tweet with these unproductive “warriors”, and Elon Musk crashed her pity party by trolling her with a hilarious response:

So, what’s happening at Twitter right now?

Express UK reported that Mr Musk almost forfeited his purchase of the site due to a legal battle over the number of bots and spam accounts on Twitter, then he laid off almost half of his workforce.

This included senior engineer Eric Frohnhoefer, who had worked at Twitter or eight years and was supposedly fired via tweet for pointing out one of the Tesla founder’s technical errors.

Mr Musk later tweeted an ‘apology’ for firing “geniuses”, posting “their immense talent will no doubt be of great use elsewhere”.

However, he was also forced to rehire some workers after realizing he would need them to complete essential tasks.

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The SpaceX billionaire and workaholic expressed in his email that “only exceptional performance will constitute a passing grade” in his hopes to build “Twitter 2.0”.

He then gave his employees an ultimatum to either work longer days or leave the company, receiving “three months of severance”.

Those committed to staying were required to indicate their interest via a link included in the email by Thursday at 5pm.

So, does that mean Twitter is collapsing, as the hysterical left is gushing about right now?


As a matter of fact, what Elon is doing, sounds very purposeful, and one writer thinks he’s identified exactly what Elon’s doing, and it’s brilliant.

“Whaling and Culling.” 

Here’s what author Oliver Campbell said in a Tweet thread:

Alright, I’m going to explain what Elon Musk is likely doing over there at Twitter. This is not a discussion on whether it’s RIGHT OR WRONG; just what’s happening. If I’m wrong, I’m sure he’ll pop up and say so. What Elon is engaged in is something called “Whaling and Culling.”

First, the “Whaling”: It’s a common refrain that you’ve probably heard at some point or another “10% of people do 90% of the work.” That’s what that tight 2 week deadline for Twitter Blue was for; he was perfectly aware that it was an unrealistic time frame. It was a test

By pushing for such an extremely tight deadline, Elon got to see who is actually doing work and who is resting on their laurels. Furthermore, it proved who could actually perform under extreme pressure. You know, the whole “get this done or you’re fired” level of pressure.

Hence, Elon was looking for the whales at the company. The heavy hitting, actually producing and hard people who have been there for a while. When the whales don’t have to carry dead weight, they perform like the equivalent of 10 people.

Second is the “Culling.” When you’ve got 90% of the people not performing, they’re actually negatively impacting the 10% who ARE performing above and beyond. And that’s why the layoffs happened. Paraphrased, ‘shit is gonna change around here, get on board or get out’

So by culling unproductive staff, he actually untied the hands of the PRODUCTIVE staff. Fewer obstacles to getting in the way of getting things done. It also revealed to him who was there to make Twitter a better product, versus who was there to be ‘activists’.

So now you’ve chopped your workforce down to people who actually perform, but they’re not enough to run everything. This is why after all those people are let go, there’s going to be a surprise hiring of a new bunch of people. Why?

Because the productive people actually know WHAT THEY NEED to get things done. Don’t be surprised if the people that are left get to be part of the interviewing process for the new people. They’ll be looking for efficiency and people who don’t make THEIR jobs more difficult.

So, when you continually slice away the bad portions of something, all that you’re left with is 1 of 2 potential outcomes: 1) Nothing usable. It was rotten at the core. 2) Some substantially good bits you can salvage and build on. Elon is gambling on 2.

This is what he was talking about with ‘Twitter 2.0.’ It’s likely not a ‘new twitter.’ Not for us. It’s a new Twitter INTERNALLY. How things get done, how things get rolled out, rebuilding the company with productive and more efficient people.

What I’m saying is, take a look at the reactions: The people that are staying at twitter are hunkering down and working. The people he let go are the ones calling doom and gloom. And they’re not wrong. The way “things were done” is OVER at Twitter.

So, from the outside, this looks like a giant cluster. But it what’s going to surprise you is that a great number of businesses are run exactly like this. There’s a reason layoffs happens every single year across the world. Whaling and culling. Elon is just being VERY VOCAL.

And like I said at the START OF THIS POST. I didn’t say this is RIGHT OR WRONG. Just what is likely happening. But if you never thought about it before, now you have something to think about.

That sounds like what a good businessman would do to weed out the MASS amounts of lazy/activist workers at a huge company.

And speaking of those lazy workers:

I have a feeling Elon is going to be a lot better off without this dead weight lumbering around the office.

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