Frank Luntz Pushes CNN Focus Group Trashing Trump As Old While Endorsing DeSantis

Frank Luntz Pushes CNN Focus Group Trashing Trump As Old While Endorsing DeSantis

A focus group of Donald Trump supporters told pollster Frank Luntz that they would rather see Ron DeSantis (R) run for president than see Trump run again.

Luntz attended CNN This Morning on Monday, when he took part in an energetic debate defending the value of political polling despite the unexpected outcomes of the midterm elections. Parts of a focus group Luntz recently conducted with Trump supporters were discussed during this visit; the majority of them stated that they preferred the Florida governor to the former president.


Brett, a Trump fan from Georgia, compared DeSantis to Trump as being “far more polished” and not saying nearly as many offensive or demeaning things. Chris, a Trump supporter from New Jersey, responded by saying that DeSantis is “a lot younger” than Trump, who is 76 years old.

Chris characterized Trump as being “far too elderly.” And at least from what I’ve observed, DeSantis won’t disparage members of his own party the way Trump does.

Other panelists agreed that DeSantis is more focused on policy concerns than Trump and is more competent for the job than Trump.

They “appreciate what Trump did, they enjoy his ideology, but they don’t appreciate him as a person and they’re actually worn out with him as a person,” said Luntz when summarizing his focus group for CNN.

If Trump makes an announcement tomorrow, Luntz said, “I think he doesn’t grasp the world that has been created over the last week.” “And the Republicans are starting to say, well, enough already! Trump’s horrible, brutal attacks — not just against DeSantis but also against Glenn Youngkin, the governor of Virginia!”

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Charlene Greenway
18 days ago

Republicans are a fickle bunch, they are willing to compromise on everything.

Allyson Everard
15 days ago

Th*se supposed Tr*mp supporters “don’t appreciate him as a person” and are “worn out” by him? They want someone more refined and polite??? Are you kidding me?

So… your h*use is on fire, but be sure to ONLY invite in the fireman wh* won’t say bad things about the arsonists wh* lit the fire.

Sounds like a narrative written by the arsonists.

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