The Establishment is Trying to Divide and Destroy MAGA, And They’re Using Ron DeSantis to Do It

The Establishment is Trying to Divide and Destroy MAGA, And They’re Using Ron DeSantis to Do It

A lot of you need to snap out of it and see what’s happening around you right now. It’s amazing to me, after all that we’ve been through, how so many on “our side” can still be snowed and gaslit by the media, and the vultures who hate you, within your own party. I have been telling you for months now that the GOP establishment has been using Ron DeSantis to destroy Trump and his MAGA movement — the strongest political movement on the planet. Some of you understood what I was saying, but others were so angry and called me all sorts of colorful names, for even suggesting this was a possibility.

Yet, here we are, with this nightmare staring us in the face.

Will you believe me now?

And if not me, will you believe someone else who explains it to you in a much more “elegant” fashion?

I sure hope so, because I really don’t care how to receive this message and warning, I just want you to ABSORB and understand what’s happening, and I’ll do anything to make that happen… and what better place to find the answers than one of my favorite political blogs on the planet — The American Thinker.

Here’s what J.B. Shurk, from American Thinker, said in his amazing piece:

MAGA is the biggest political coalition in the country.  For the D.C. Uniparty to survive, MAGA must be destroyed.

Everything else that the Establishment Class has fraudulently peddled against Trump — that he’s imperious, mercurial, uncouth, unworthy to hold office, a Russian spy, a warmonger, an insurrectionist, a “denier,” a criminal — is nothing but an endless barrage of psychological warfare directed against MAGA voters and constructed of propaganda and lies.  At heart, Trump’s only “crime” is that he remains for America and against the totalitarian globalist system designed to subdue her once and for all.

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MAGA, in other words, is a direct threat to the international coalition that insists on extinguishing American independence and freedom.  For at least six years, the Establishment Class has worked to demolish not so much Donald Trump, but rather the assembly of MAGA Americans that have found each other and are now working together.  The Uniparty has used all its tricks and sticks.  It has tried shaming Christians.  It has called Trump’s supporters “Russian sympathizers.”  It has used the criminal (in)justice system to bully, harass, and imprison Trump allies.  It has slandered MAGA voters as “terrorists,” “insurrectionists,” “fascists,” and “racists.”  It has done everything it can to wear the MAGA coalition down, to abuse Trump-supporters so completely that they renounce him, and to intimidate the MAGA faithful so mercilessly that they relinquish their political sway.  The Establishment Class has done this because MAGA represents an existential threat to its paradigm of global wealth and power.

With this in mind, as we venture forth down the 2024 road to the White House, do not forget that the Establishment’s most important goal is to obliterate MAGA and lull Americans back to their previous pro-globalist slumber.  Billionaire investor Ken Griffin, who has invested heavily in Governor DeSantis, has said so explicitly.  According to Politico, the big Republican donor wants to “blunt the vein of populism that has complicated the party’s relationship with the corporate world.”  Think about those words for a second.  Griffin and his Establishment Club friends want the American people to stop voting for things in their own best interest and return to a time when they voted for things in the best interest of the small, insular, privileged, corporate few.  Isn’t it strange that “elites” defend “democracy” only when the few at the top of the economic pyramid get their way but always denounce as vulgar “populism” anything like the MAGA movement that pursues the broader wants and needs of the American people?

There’s an awful lot I like about Ron DeSantis, but when he is backed by Paul RyanJeb Bush, the Lincoln Project, and big-money anti-MAGA donors like Ken Griffin, I see only two possibilities: (1) either they think that Governor DeSantis will eventually play ball with the Über-Globalists or (2) they are committed to dividing the MAGA coalition between DeSantis and Trump, conquering MAGA once and for all, and forcing voters back to the Establishment-approved, corporate Republicanism embraced by the likes of Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Asa Hutchinson, Larry Hogan, Tim Scott, and Nikki Haley.  

I reject any path forward that forfeits hard-won MAGA victories, empowers the anti-American globalists, or returns total uncontested power to the Uniparty “elites” running D.C.  Fighting the unholy alliance uniting Marxism, corporatism, and global totalitarianism is too important.  And saving the MAGA coalition from the Machiavellian strategists seeking its destruction remains too critical.

Please, read this entire piece. What I shared with you was just a small snippet. You can find the article here.

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