Thanks To Republicans Aggressively Curing and Harvesting Ballots in CA and NY, We Won The House

Thanks To Republicans Aggressively Curing and Harvesting Ballots in CA and NY, We Won The House

The midterms were a shock, not because of “bad candidates” or because Trump did something wrong. It was a two-fold situation — there was an internal sabotage job by Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Ronna McDaniels, but the main reason was ballot harvesting and curing ballots. See, in the not-so-distant past, Dems didn’t really vote much in the midterms. They would win the “early vote” and then we’d clobber them on election day. But things have changed. Dems are now voting like gangbusters in midterms wherever there are mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting. And that insane new advantage has canceled us out on election day.

It’s really that simple. 

The choice we have is to either beat Dems at their own game or die as a party. Because clearly, we can’t seem to get Republicans in state leadership to do away with this mail-in nonsense, so we must figure out a new way to win again… and we don’t need to look very far to see how to do it, because Republicans actually beat Dems at their own game in 2022 in two very liberal states.

So, if they can do it there, we can do it everywhere…

This woman, named Harmeet Dhillon, in case you don’t know who she is, is amazing. She’s a lawyer, and she and her team of activists won the House for us by aggressively curing and harvesting ballots in New York and California. She’s the founder of The Center for American Liberty, and she and her group just proved that we can beat the Dems at their own game.

As a matter of fact, we did beat them in New York and California, and now, we can take what she did, and use her methods to beat the left in other areas of the country.

Here’s what TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk said to Harmeet in a tweet: “The pure grit and tenacity of the patriots in New York and California retires Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to the activists who refused to give up.”

And here’s what Harmeet responded with: “Thank you for saying this Charlie! We work for every vote in a winnable race, often outperforming registration and top of ticket for our winners. Without aggressive curing and harvesting in the right CA communities, we wouldn’t have the House today.”

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Now, I know most of you know what ballot harvesting is, but many of you may not know what “curing” is, so I found this article from 9 News on the topic:

Not everyone remembers to sign their ballot envelope.
And first-time mail-ballot voters sometimes forget to include a copy of identification.
In those instances, those ballots are not counted, but they’re not rejected either.
It is those ballots that can cause vote totals to change following Election Day.

As of Friday night, the race for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is separated by 1,122 votes. Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert leads by just enough so far to avoid an automatic recount against Democratic challenger Adam Frisch.
The two largest counties in that district — Mesa and Pueblo — have a combined 1,166 ballots that have yet to be counted because of a mistake made by the voter.
A mistake those voters can still fix, or “cure” by the end of Wednesday.
“‘Cure’ just means that an eligible voter has cast a ballot, they’ve submitted that and there is some sort of technical deficiency with that,” said Amber McReynolds, former Denver Elections Director and a national elections expert.
A technical deficiency could be a ballot with a missing signature, a signature that does not match or lack of ID for a first-time voter.
Those ballots are set aside. Then, those voters are contacted by mail, and perhaps by text, to let them know how to fix their ballot mistake so their ballot can still count.
In Mesa County, there are 797 voters who can still cure their ballot by Wednesday.
The county has posted the names of those voters, along with political affiliation.
Of the 797, 430 are unaffiliated, 251 are Republican and 88 are Democrats.
Pueblo County has 369 voters who can still cure their uncounted ballots, but the county did not share the political affiliation of those voters.
Candidates and their campaigns can try to contact those voters to get them to cure their ballots, but the candidates do not know who the voter picked, so it is possible that helping a voter cure their ballot could give another vote to the opponent.

So, in layman’s terms, you’re just taking a ballot that has been rejected for whatever reason, and getting it corrected, so they can count it as a valid vote.

That is how we win, folks. I know it’s not pretty, and it feels slimy, I get that, but it’s how we win in this crappy “reset” situation.

Let’s put it this way, if Harmeet and her team didn’t do this, we would not have the House right now.

That’s the reality.

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