We Harvest or We Die

We Harvest or We Die

I feel like I’m in a scene from the movie “Groundhog Day” … our worst nightmare has come true, again. We were beaten by two things: the GOP establishment, and a tsunami of mail-in ballots… And in truth, those were two things that beat us back in 2020 as well. So here we are again, hoping we could flood the polls and beat the “fraud margin.” But that didn’t work in most cases, so we need to admit finally that we can’t “vote” our way out of this mess…. and that sucks. But don’t give up, because we can HARVEST our way out.

It’s time to stop dooming and glooming over elections. No, we can’t “vote” our way out of this, but we can harvest our way out. It’s time to figure out how to ballot harvest better than Dems do.

Look what just happened in Arizona.

Thinking mail-in ballots will suddenly go away because of the Constitution is like thinking Trump winning in 2016 meant the swamp would be instantly drained. It was a cute idea, but we were not understanding how our rotten government operates and how Dems fight, And just because you have an R by your name does not make you an ally of ours. Also, let’s not forget how our courts have also been compromised and turned into “activism” free-for-alls. I am sorry, but this is our reality. So, it’s time to learn to harvest ballots.

And, as I was thinking of this, I was perusing one of my favorite political Blogs, American Thinker, and I saw the perfect article, that talked about how we got snookered by ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots yet again…

Fletch Daniels over at American Thinker wrote an amazing piece on this topic:

Surveying the wreckage of the disappointing Republican midterms, voters were left scratching their heads, trying to figure out what went wrong.  With the fundamentals being as bad as they were this year, Republicans underperformed expectations, and it was fairly obvious that they would experience no red wave by early in the evening on Election Night.

While I’ve seen plenty of postmortems already, the single biggest issue that wrecked the wave was mail-in voting combined with ballot-harvesting, which all but eliminated Republican hopes in states where Democrats control the voting rules.  This is why Senate polls were so wrong in these states.

The two states where the impact was most obvious were Pennsylvania and Michigan, but it snuffed out real Republican chances all over the map in states where the Democrats control voting laws.  Pennsylvania literally elected a dead man, and I’m not even talking about the pro-crime radical with such severe brain damage that he can’t form a coherent sentence.

With two of our kids having gone to college in Michigan, we spend a fair amount of time visiting there.  As near as I can tell, the only Michigan residents who actually like Gretchen Whitmer are in her immediate family.  And yet she easily beat an impressive Republican candidate.  In a fair election, Tudor Dixon wins that race easily.  But that’s the point.  These aren’t fair elections.  They are rigged.  And even great candidates taking on miserable ones go down in flames.  The lone bright spot out of Michigan was John James winning Michigan-10.

James Carville said his party would have lost 57 seats but was saved by Donald Trump.  Nonsense.  They were saved by mass mail-in voting and ballot-harvesting.  That is the fundamental difference between today and 2010, when Republicans won 63 seats during Obama’s first midterm.

The other narrative that is being tossed around is that Republicans had poor candidates.  Again, this is to be expected, since many people are using the election to attack former President Trump.  But it’s a foolish take.  You will never have perfect candidates in every race.  But, across the board, Republican candidates were far superior to those the Democrats put up, with only a couple of exceptions.

I’m even skeptical of the claim I’m seeing bandied about that David McCormick would have won the Senate seat in Pennsylvania.  Perhaps.  But, considering that there were enough ballots flooding the zone to elect the worst candidate in recent memory, I doubt it.  The Democrats built a ballot-collecting machine in Pennsylvania that spit out a radical ogre who can’t articulate a single intelligent thought.


Republicans used to joke about needing to win above the margin of fraud, which was generally accepted to be relatively small.  But now that Democrats can flood the zone with ballots that they can collect over the course of weeks, that is now far too steep a hill to climb in all but the reddest areas.  Every ballot they send out is easy to convert into a vote.

It has taken states off the competitive map.  Democrat officials mail out massive numbers of ballots to people who would never bother to vote, and their operatives collect those ballots and run up the score.  It effectively eliminates the concept of the low-propensity voter, since operatives see to it that all the ballots are requested and rounded up.

I encourage you to read the rest of this amazing article here.

And what we need to do next is demand that organizations, action committees, activists, and SuperPacs, start working to come up with ways to harvest ballots and push very high-level mail-in campaign. Look, I know it’s not what we want to do, but it’s what we have to do if we want to win races in states like Michigan (my state), Pennsylvania, Nevada, and others.

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Yes, if we win the governorship, we can remove the mail-in ballots in some cases, but that won’t work in all cases, so it’s better to just beat the Dems at their own game.

We’re going to need party leaders to get very familiar with mail-in ballots, and ballot harvesting and find bigger and better ways to capture the vote than Dems do.

If we do this, we can get back to winning.

If we don’t, we’ll continue to sit around sulking, claiming our country’s lost, and there’s nothing we can do to win, bla bla bla.


We can and must do better than that… It’s time for action, and to fight and defeat these commies in the gutter, where they live.

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