Newt, Lindsey, and Rand Build “Massive Operation” to Push Herschel Walker to Victory

Newt, Lindsey, and Rand Build “Massive Operation” to Push Herschel Walker to Victory

The only person who wanted to lose the Senate more than Dems was Mitch McConnell. This corrupt, villainous buzzard would rather lose the senate than lose power. And he made sure that young, fresh MAGA candidates wouldn’t be anywhere near the Senate, by sabotaging their campaigns and pulling money from them. This guy has sunk most of his money into saving that RINO loser, Lisa Murkowski in Alaska.

So, now, the Senate control hangs in the balance, with one race in Georgia. Herschel Walker is up against a Marxist lunatic named Raphael Warnock, and it’s a run-off since neither candidate got to 50 percent on election night… it’s imperative that Herschel win, so Newt, Rand, and RINO Lindsey have gotten together to come up with a “massive operation” to make that happen.

Politico reported that control of the Senate still hung in the balance on Friday, forcing Senate Republicans to briefly put aside their intraparty blame game as they go all-in on winning Georgia’s Senate runoff.

The Senate majority could be decided in the coming days if Democrats defend the seats they hold in both Arizona and Nevada, where votes continue to be counted. But if the GOP picks up just one of those seats, Senate control will be determined by a Dec. 6 runoff election in the Peach State.

GOP operatives continued to express optimism about the party’s chances of picking up a seat in Nevada, even as the path forward appears shakier in Arizona.


On a Republican conference call Thursday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), went so far as to suggest fraud in Nevada if Laxalt isn’t declared the winner. The midday call was hosted by Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

“There is no mathematical way Laxalt loses,” Graham said on the call. “If he does, then it’s a lie.”

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No evidence of election fraud has emerged, and independent analysts have been expecting Cortez Masto to take the lead for days based on the number of outstanding mail votes in the most Democratic part of the state. Indeed, the Democrat cut Laxalt’s advantage to under 1,000 votes late Thursday after Clark County counted another 27,000 mailed ballots.

Besides having legal teams on the ground in Nevada and Arizona, there’s now little the GOP can do to salvage its shot at a majority but go all-in on Georgia.

During the call Thursday, Graham, Newt Gingrich, Haley Barbour and Todd Ricketts were reported to be among those co-chairing the finance committee for Walker’s campaign, which is still growing but includes seven senators and Sen.-elect Markwayne Mullin (R-Okla.), according to a document obtained by POLITICO.

Sen. Rand Paul will be heading up Walker’s libertarian outreach during the runoff. A libertarian candidate in the Nov. 8 election siphoned off 2 percent of the vote, preventing either Walker or Sen. Raphael Warnock from getting more than 50 percent to avoid a runoff.

Graham and Gingrich told those on the call that both Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are expected to provide support for the Walker campaign.

As prominent Republicans across the country pointed fingers at Trump this week in the aftermath of a disappointing midterm election, the Senate GOP — already divided over this year’s approach to campaigns — has to save much of the bickering for after the runoff. Scott, who was planning to challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for his leadership position, is now unlikely to do so after failing to win key seats in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire and blowing pickup opportunities in an election that was supposed to usher in a red wave.

As I said, earlier, this was Mitch’s plan all along, to lose the Senate, so his leadership was not in jeopardy. And yet, some of you idiots are still blaming Trump. It’s amazing to me, how clueless so many on our side are — just as easily duped and gullible as Democrats.

And just as fickle and quick to jump on and off bandwagons.


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