Jen Psaki Tried to SPIN Dem’s Hispanic Nightmare, and The Entire Thing Just Blew Up In Her Face

Jen Psaki Tried to SPIN Dem’s Hispanic Nightmare, and The Entire Thing Just Blew Up In Her Face

Well, Jen Psaki really stepped in it this time when she tried to desperately make excuses for the Dems basically losing the Hispanic vote. They got wiped-out in Florida, in such a big way, it was actually shocking to see. But something’s been brewing with Hispanics for a while now, but Dems underestimated it. The Center Square reported that a record number of Black and Hispanic voters are expected to vote for Republicans in the midterm elections, according to a new Wall Street Journal analysis. According to its findings, 17% of registered Black voters said they would vote for a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat on Tuesday, more than double the percentage who did in 2020 and 2018.

“The Republican Party is winning support from a larger share of Black voters than in other recent elections and has improved its standing in the past few months among Latino voters, the latest Wall Street Journal poll finds, adding to evidence of the party’s increasing appeal among groups that have overwhelmingly favored Democratic candidates,” the Journal reports.

The Journal polled Black voters in October and August and found that roughly 17% said in both polls they would pick a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat. The Journal notes, “That is a substantially larger share than the 8% of Black voters who voted for former President Donald Trump in 2020 and the 8% who backed GOP candidates in 2018 House races,” pointing to an AP VoteCast survey.

Miami-Dade, a Dem stronghold, that Hillary won by 30 points back in 2016, just flipped red.

It’s a huge deal and a sign that Dems are officially losing the Hispanic vote.

Of course, Dems can never take the blame for anything. Jen Pskai took to Twitter where she shared her racist reason for why Hispanics voted Republican in Florida, and she got walloped for it.

Here’s what Jen said: “The Latino vote is not the same everywhere! There are huge generational differences and in Florida population of older voters (more likely Rs) much larger than younger. Socialism does not play there. And there is a massive disinformation problem in Spanish language media.”

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Jen should have probably kept her yap shut. Here’s what people online had to say:

“Im a millennial Hispanic. Im a mom. I voted for republicans. I know a lot more just like me. We are not the people of victimhood. We are the people of dreams.”

“Latinos are easily fooled” Keep. Going.”

“You stopped saying LatinX real fast tho huh?”

“How very, very racist of you, Jen” 

“Typical white liberal elite female, thinking she knows what’s going on with Hispanics lol” 

“My God what a thing to tweet.”

“Thank you, Oh Wise Redhead, for reminding me that my inferior genetics have made me susceptible to the Anti-Communist slant of Miami AM Radio.”

“So rejecting Democrats was rejecting socialism? Thanks for finally saying the quiet part out loud.”

“What about the LatinX vote? Y’all seemed to learn your lesson a little too late.”

“Latinos want strong borders, strong economy, strong family unit, and above else, strong Christian values!!!”

“I am a Dem okay, and just stop making excuses. Dems have lost Florida for decades to come and the Latino vote is trending GOP now horrible news going forward.” 

“Hard working, faith and family centered, Americans of Latino descent despite age, prove you wrong.”

“Seriously, stop calling everything you don’t like “misinformation”. No one is buying that anymore.”

“Latino voters leave the Democratic party in droves and the Democrats smugly dismiss them as being old and simply misinformed…”

“Call them Latinx some more and tell them they are breakfast burritos. Solid strategy.”

“Socialism does not play there” Did she just openly admit they are socialists?”

“The racism in this mindset is profound.”

“Can you imagine thinking you are smarter than others and then tweeting it?!”

“So now the democrats have called black men stupid, suburban women cock roaches and stupid, now they call Hispanic people stupid. They say the quiet parts out loud everyday and no one calls them out for it. Keep going and soon you won’t have any voters let at all.”

“Patronizing white lady says Hispanics who vote Republican are ignorant, gullible victims of disinformation.”

“Jen, you’re wrong. Spanish dominant Hispanics lean liberal; English dominant Hispanics are trending conservative. Also, the GOP just cut the Democrats’ lead by HALF *nationally.* Look, we know you’re stressed. Maybe you should go take a kickboxing class and have a margarita?”

I can’t believe Jen actually published that tweet. This is how rude and elitist these liberals are, and they don’t even realize it.

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