[VIDEO] New GOP House Oversight Chair Says Hunter Biden is Linked to International Human Trafficking

[VIDEO] New GOP House Oversight Chair Says Hunter Biden is Linked to International Human Trafficking

The GOP just squeaked out control of the House a couple of days ago, and the only way they did it, was by aggressively ballot harvesting and curing ballots in New York and California. I just wrote a really powerful piece on this, and I hope you read it. You can find that here. And the GOP doesn’t take control of the House until January 2023, but they are not wasting a second of time… they are coming out with GUNS BLAZING against Joe Biden and his crackhead son, Hunter.

The new House Oversight Chair Rep James Comer has literally dropped a nuke on Joe’s fuzzy head, by announcing a full-blown investigation into his dealings with Hunter’s shady businesses. And he also announced that Hunter Biden has now been linked to international human trafficking.

Probably because of his drug-fueled fetish for foreign hookers and underage girls. Disgusting pig.

Rep. Comer isn’t messing around, he didn’t want there to be any mistake or misunderstanding about what was going on, so he said, “I want to be clear. This is an investigation of Joe Biden.”

Well, this is what Joe Biden laughed off about a week ago as if any investigation into him or his crackhead son was silly and pointless.

Okay, old man, let’s see how long you keep laughing.


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And I have a feeling this is probably what they’re talking about. Here’s what the Washington Examiner said back in July of this year:

Republicans on Capitol Hill have pledged they will investigate Hunter Biden’s payments to Russia-linked escorts — which the Washington Examiner revealed were unwittingly funded by Joe Biden.

“If I’m reelected and Republicans gain the majority, I would become chairman of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told the Washington Examiner. “In that position, I will continue to investigate the corruption and potential criminal activity that Chuck Grassley and I exposed in our September 2020 report which included Hunter Biden’s financial transactions that were linked to what appeared to be an ‘Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.’”

Johnson added: “As bad as the sleaze and corruption of the Biden Inc. family is, what troubles me even more is the complicity and corruption of the legacy media and certain elements within our federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. That corruption needs to be investigated.”


The bombshell announcement comes after the Washington Examiner reported that the president apparently unwittingly financed his son’s participation in an escort ring tied to Russia, records from a copy of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop show, and some of the younger Biden’s payments may have generated suspicious activity reports with his banks. Biden spent over $30,000 on escorts, many of whom were linked to “.ru” Russian email addresses and worked with an “exclusive model agency” called UberGFE, during a period of 3 1/2 months between November 2018 and March 2019. He managed to do so thanks in part to Joe Biden committing to wiring him a total of $100,000 to help pay his bills from December 2018 to January 2019.

That would mean Joe Biden is also “inadvertently” linked to human trafficking, now wouldn’t it?

Do you think Joe Biden is still laughing? I don’t.

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