Jake Tapper Asked Dem Pollster What He’s Seeing Out there, and The Photo This Guy Texted Back Says it ALL  

Jake Tapper Asked Dem Pollster What He’s Seeing Out there, and The Photo This Guy Texted Back Says it ALL  

There is panic unfolding all across the country, as the realization of what’s coming on November 8th begins to settle in. Dems, who thought they could bring out hordes of women to fight for abortions, are seeing that Americans care more about buying groceries, keeping their job, and getting gas, than killing innocent babies. Things are so bad, that National Review reported that there’s literal “panic in the White House” right now.

National Review reported that the White House should be panicking. This morning, Politico unveiled new national polling numbers that are just about what the Republicans wanted to see, and they largely align with the numbers in the New York Times survey that came out last weekend. The economy and inflation are, by far, the biggest issues on voters’ minds, with 80 percent saying they’ll play a major role in their vote choice. Crime was the second-most important issue on voters’ minds at 64 percent, and abortion was at 59 percent. Voters trust Republicans more on the economy, and more than 60 percent of respondents said inflation was getting worse.

In Politico’s separate Election Forecast, ten of the twelve races were updated and moved in the Republicans’ direction: “The two House districts moving into the ‘Toss Up’ category, California’s 13th District and Oregon’s 6th District, are in places Biden carried by large margins.”

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake notes with alarm this morning that the Democratic message that Republicans represent a threat to democracy has flopped:

Independents are significantly more likely to view Democrats as a major threat than Republicans. Although more than 6 in 10 view each party as at least a minor threat, just 23 percent view the GOP as a major threat, while 31 percent say the same of Democrats. Independents are actually more likely to view voting by mail as a major threat to democracy (31 percent) than the GOP.
In late summer, Biden and the Democrats pushed all of their chips to the center of the table and bet that they could mitigate their losses in the midterms by emphasizing abortion, January 6, and the menace of Donald Trump. In normal economic and political circumstances, that might have worked. It does not work when inflation is 8.2 percent, gas prices are spiking, crime is high, the border is insecure, and large majorities of the electorate think the country is on the wrong track. Over in The Guardian, there’s a roundtable of contributors who are effectively already writing the post-mortem on the Democrats’ messaging efforts for the year.

I’m sure there’s not a lot that Liza Featherstone and I agree on, but she sure seems to nail the Democrats on not focusing on what worries the electorate as a whole:

Democratic leaders have sometimes seemed dismissive of inflation. The White House has repeatedly shrugged it off, and this summer, the Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman mocked a campaign video featuring his opponent in a grocery store discussing high food prices.

Worse, national Democratic leaders have been partying with wealthy donors, from the billionaire James Murdoch in Manhattan to real estate moguls in Los Angeles. No wonder they seem out of touch with people visiting food pantries or struggling to make rent.

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If the Democrats can’t deliver a better economic message, many Americans may conclude that like the repeal of Roe v Wade, inflation is what happens when you vote.

So, when Jake Tapper decided to text a Dem pollster and ask him what he was seeing out there, and he got back a picture of a Cat 4 Hurricane, he knew things didn’t look good for Dems.

I think inflation, the economy, crime, and the border are major issues, but I also think 2020 is on the midterm ballot as well. I think the American people who believe 2020 was a total laughable sham, see these midterms as “sweet revenge,” and I don’t blame them. I am one of those voters, and so are most of my immediate and extended family.

Paybacks are a-you-know-what, Joe, and you’re about to see exactly what the African People really think of you, your failed policies, and your joke of a so-called “presidency.”

And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving, bumbling scumbag.

Make sure you vote on November 8th. We need all hands on deck, nobody can sit this one out, if you do, you’re helping Dems keep their power and I know you don’t want to do that.

We’re counting on you.

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