“Something’s Wrong” Fans Freak Out Over How “Stick Thin” Jessica Simpson’s Legs Look

“Something’s Wrong” Fans Freak Out Over How “Stick Thin” Jessica Simpson’s Legs Look

Poor Jessica Simpson. This girl can’t win for losing. On one hand, everyone comes down on her because she’s gotten too fat. Then, she loses weight, and now everybody’s coming down on her because she’s too thin. As someone who has struggled with an eating disorder for her entire life (I was diagnosed as an Anorexic Bulimic. I would binge like a bulimic, but instead of throwing up, I would starve myself for weeks at a time), I understand how people’s words can be a “trigger” that can land you in a really dark place. I also understand how food can be an emotional crutch and a control mechanism. For somebody with an eating disorder, food gives you power, and food also takes the power away.

It’s complex.

Anyway, I am not a doctor, obviously, but from my own lifelong experience dealing with an eating disorder, I’d say that it does seem like Jessica Simpson is suffering from one too.

And now, her fans aren’t talking about the weight she’s put on, they’re freaked out about the weight that’s come off. Namely in her legs, which in all honesty, look really, really thin.

OK! Magazine reported that Jessica Simpson sparked concern yet again when she posted a photo of herself on Thursday, November 17.

“Three Generations of Cozy! Thanks for having us @hsn!” the pop star, 42, captioned the snap of herself with her eldest daughter, Maxi Drew, and her mom, Tina Simpson.

In the photo, the blonde babe sported a plaid shirt and jeans, but people couldn’t help but bring up her weight.

One person wrote, “Jessica, are you OK?” while another added, “She looks Shockley thin…… 😢.”

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A third person said, “Her speech and she’s Soo thin something isn’t right. Concern fans that’s all. If you read Matthew perry book it’s shocking how much he was struggling and no one knew,” while a fourth stated, “It’s sad to see her look extremely unhealthy and too thin. I’m sure she doesn’t realize it. It’s part of the illness and things can get out of hand. I hope she gets the proper support/treatment.”
However, some users defended the “With You” songstress, who has made headlines for her weight over the years.

“WTF is wrong with you people?!?!? She’s knows her body! She’s been shamed for it her whole life! Leave her the hell alone! Jessica you’re beautiful! And women should be lifting each other up….not tearing each other apart!” one fumed.

A second person said, “I ❤️ Jessica Simpson! If she needs support – I hope she gets it in whatever form is needed for her.”

This is the video that sparked all the initial concern about Jessica’s weight:

Here is the leg photo that got everyone worried recently:

And just for a comparison, here are what her legs looked like not too long ago:

Clearly, there is a big difference, and she does look scary thin. But if she has an eating disorder, she likely doesn’t see it that way. She may look at herself in the mirror and see “thunder thighs.” That’s why it’s so important for people not to shame women (or men) for being overweight. You never know what that person is going through, and how your words may trigger them into something very dark and scary.

I am not saying we should glorify obesity, like the left is doing now, that is so wrong, I can’t even…but being kind, and not blurting out mean, nasty comments to people isn’t too much to ask, is it?

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