[VIDEO] SCARY: A Very Confused Joe Biden, Completely Forgets He Was Vice President for 8 Years

[VIDEO] SCARY: A Very Confused Joe Biden, Completely Forgets He Was Vice President for 8 Years

It’s always something new and horrific every day with Dementia Joe. He’s getting worse. And I think one of the main reasons he’s skidding downhill so fast, is because of the stress from midterms. Joe Biden’s brain might be fried, but he still knows how politics works, and he realizes that his entire career and the safety net for himself and his scumbag family will go up in flames the second the GOP takes over. Joe will be getting hammered from all ends, Dems and Republicans will work in tandem to get rid of him.

He knows this, so he’s a totally confused and befuddled mess. So much so, that he just completely forgot the entire eight years he was veep.


Yes, Joe is stressed, but what else could be going on here?

Well, once again, I turned to the medical side of the internet to understand what is going on with Joe Biden. Obviously, I am not a doctor, but I do believe that Joe Biden has dementia, and I don’t think that’s a “wild theory” by any stretch of the imagination, at this point, I’d say it’s pretty obvious.

Here’s what I found:

How a person with dementia experiences (or perceives) things often changes as their dementia progresses. Many people with dementia experience changes in how they understand the world around them. This is because in dementia there is damage to the brain, which can cause the person to experience things differently.

These problems can cause the person with dementia to say or do things that do not make sense to others. This can be frustrating, confusing and upsetting for the person, and for carers, especially if the person is experiencing a different reality to yours.

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Information from the sense organs, for example the eyes or ears, travels to the brain. The brain processes this information, to understand it. The brain then analyses it alongside other information already in the brain, such as thoughts and memories and their associated emotions. Then the person becomes aware of what has been sensed (perceived).

Dementia can interrupt or slow this process down, which changes how a person understands the world around them. Damage to the eyes or parts of the brain may cause misperceptions, misidentifications, hallucinations, delusions and time-shifting.

You can watch the video below:

Jill Biden should be ashamed of herself for standing on the sidelines, watching this nightmare unfold.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“His brain power is nearly zero.”

“Make it stop!! Please!!”

“It’s so outrageous it doesn’t even feel real! Like, wow, “they” can do just whatever they want and totally get away with it cause “they” are in charge”

“Hey, everyone, it’s just a stutter” 

“He wants to forget about the 8 years he was VP as much as we do”

“Keep dreaming Joe, and maybe someday you’ll be a legit president!”

“How on earth are we keeping this dude? He’s gotta go.”

“Whatever he is..it’s definitely not for all the people.”

“Why do you just go away for all the peoples sake.”

“Biden wasn’t elected, he was installed by the election crime of the century.”

“Wasn’t Joe Vice President for awhile? Or did he sleep during that period too?”

“Remember when Joe was Obama’s safety net against impeachment – or worse, if you know what I mean – and Obama was untouchable because we didn’t want Joe to be the guy? We’ve had 20+ months confirming that that was a good call.”

“If anyone else talked like this as president they would use the 25th amendment asap”

“This guy just totally forgot 8 years of his life, but nothing to see here” 

The nastiest and most divisive, cranky old coot on the planet, who demonizes half the country regularly, thinks he’s a “president” for everyone.

Wow. This guy really has Stage 75 Alzheimer’s, doesn’t he?

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