Photographers Capture Image of Joe’s G20 “Cheat Sheet”… Looks Like It Was Written For a 10-Year-Old

Photographers Capture Image of Joe’s G20 “Cheat Sheet”… Looks Like It Was Written For a 10-Year-Old

We all know by now that Joe Biden is senile, and shouldn’t be doing this job. Actually, he likely isn’t doing this job, I am sure his Handlers are the ones who are calling all the shots. Joe is just the confused, bumbling idiot who’s out there on the stage, unable to complete a sentence, and saying all the wrong things that have to be walked back by his Handlers. But for some strange reason, we’re all going along with this, as if it’s perfectly normal to have a dementia patient pretending to be the “president.” Meanwhile, if President Trump hesitates while walking down a wet, slippery ramp, the media calls for the “25th Amendment” for a week straight.

Our media and our politicians are a complete and total joke.

There are signs literally everywhere, that prove Joe Biden is incompetent. His flashcards are one of those signs.

Now, it’s understandable that a leader would need to have an agenda, I totally get that, and coming from a PR background, agendas are totally normal and they are used to keep everyone on schedule.

Totally normal.

But what Joe Biden carries around with him looks like a book on how to behave that’s been written for a confused 10-year-old.

Once again, photographers captured a picture of what Joe Biden’s “cheat sheet” looks like, and it’s concerning… the capitalized “YOU” is really alarming.

How out of it is this guy that he needs to have YOU spelled out like that?

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Summit News reported that photographers captured a cheat sheet given to Joe Biden by his handlers at the G20 summit, which again orders him to sit down, weirdly capitalizing the word “YOU” in every sentence.

The list of instructions Biden was seen reading at the Summit in Indonesia informed Biden where he should sit, the proper time to do so, and gave several reminders that his opening remarks were included on the next page.

The sheet orders “YOU will sit at the center” and “YOU will deliver opening remarks.”

Every instance of the word ‘you’ or ‘your’ is capitalized as if Biden has trouble deciphering what is directed to him.

Why do the Handlers capitalize “YOU” as if Joe is so confused and befuddled that he can’t recognize a direction meant for him unless it’s in HUGE CAPS?

Trust me, this is more concerning than Trump carefully walking own a wet ramp.

Everywhere Biden went, his flashcards/cheat sheet followed.

Summit News points out that Joe also needed cheat cards to tell reporters what he had just done after meeting with European leaders:

I think the point here is that most leaders, while yes, need a schedule since they’re very busy and have a lot going on, are usually able to speak clearly, and know what’s happening around them, without a set of childish flashcards. They can recall what they just said 5 minutes ago, and talk about it, freely, and without help.

They also shouldn’t have to be called out as “YOU” in a cheat sheet that’s been handed to them. Clearly, Joe Biden is easily confused. We’ve seen how he struggles to find his way off a 2-foot stage, even with Handlers trying to help him.

Joe Biden’s “agendas” are not normal. This is a man, who, if he isn’t given the most painfully clear direction, will be all over the map… literally and figuratively.


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