Karma Just Keeps Beating Up On Joe

Karma Just Keeps Beating Up On Joe

There was no “Black Friday” this year in Joe Biden’s depressing and lackluster America, where inflation is sky high and his economy is sluggish and about to unleash a full-blown recession. Yet, we’re supposed to believe Americans were clamoring to keep this suicide train going? But only in areas with “ballot harvesting.” I mean, can this scam get more painfully obvious? The fact of the matter is that Joe Biden makes Jimmy Carter look like a political mastermind.

And wherever he is right now – likely sleeping, or being fed a bowl of warm tapioca pudding, Joe is getting a huge dose of devastating economic news, and one of the biggest signs yet that the country has fallen into a deep and horrific recession.

Fox Business reported that parking lots at many retail stores were empty Thursday evening for Black Friday, and nobody was standing in lines awaiting the deals.

This comes in contrast to previous years in which shoppers would stand in line for hours on the afternoon of Thanksgiving in the hopes of securing Black Friday doorbuster deals.

“I see nothing. I’m surprised,” retail worker Jeremy Pritchett told FOX 2. “Normally, it’s wrapped all the way around the building. Today: no one.”

Pritchett recalls working retail during prior Black Fridays when stores would prepare for an abundance of shoppers.

“We would get there probably around midnight, get everything set up,” Pritchett said. “We let people in early, give them donuts and coffee, you know, to try to slow down the stampede and stuff, and it was busy. But it was also one of those that it was always fun, and it’s kind of gone it looks like.”

This guy goes on to try to blame the lack of  “Black Friday” business on our new “online world.” I call BS on that. While yes, some people do prefer shopping online versus in person, there are still plenty of people who love a “Black Friday” deal and would absolutely stand in line for hours to get a toaster half off.

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But those people can’t afford even a half-priced toaster thanks to Joe Biden’s crappy economy.

You can watch the video below:

The New York Post got it right when they reported that inflation is weighing on Black Friday shoppers more than last night’s turkey.

The big day for bargain hunters was off to a slow start Friday with sleepy retail strips in the Big Apple, few lines at major chain stores nationwide — and experts warning that shops may be forced to skip offering hot deals this year.

“Only about 20 people have come through self-checkout, so far,” Jimena Silva, a Target employee in Raleigh, North Carolina, said Friday morning.

Sky-high prices for food, rent, gasoline and other household costs have taken a toll on shoppers, with many reluctant to spend unless there’s a big sale.

Others said they’re being more selective about their holiday gift spending — in many cases, trading down to cheaper items or holding out for the best deals.

But many retailers are hesitant to offer major discounts this year due to inflation-fueled economic woes, an expert told The Post.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Went to the hobby store early this morning, (not when it opened, but about an hour and a half after it opened) and it was me, the security guard, the employees, and one other customer….. And it was like that when I went to check out about an hour later. There were hardly any cars in the mall..Doesn’t sound like it’s going to get any of these stores into the black….”

“Thank Fauci as well. Retailers dutifully did their part to sabotage their own business by making the tradition of standing in line all night wearing a mask six feet apart from your own mother so much fun.”

“I’m not buying JACK SQUAT for Xmas. Electric bill will go up 50% starting january 2023.”

“There are 81 million reasons why no one’s in line. And they’re all named Karen. And no one can find them in real life” 

“But the Economy is doing GREAT !!! ( We are told …… or rather Gaslighted . By our own effing , Dementia -‘ PRESIDENT ‘ !!!! )”

“Went to Walmart 9:00 Friday for dog food. It was not even slightly busy. Huge bins of Black Friday specials were untouched. Large number of staff, few shoppers.”

We’ll see how “Cyber Monday” works out. If it’s a massive success, then the “online world” theory will be right. If the volume is normal, a little higher, or underwhelming, we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s all Joe’s fault.

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