Sitting Down? You Won’t Believe The Photo “Nantucket Current” Just Posted of Biden and Two Girls

Sitting Down? You Won’t Believe The Photo “Nantucket Current” Just Posted of Biden and Two Girls

I thought this was photoshopped when I first saw it. I literally thought it was some funny meme that one of our very talented meme artists made. But I was wrong. This is not only a totally real photo, but the “Nantucket Current” Twitter account actually posted this, as a “cute” photo of Joe Biden and two girls. Clearly, the folks in Nantucket are either not aware of Joe Biden’s predatory reputation when it comes to young girls, or they love it and want to celebrate his creepiness.

And speaking of his long reputation of creepy behavior…

Back in 2019, the lefty site Vox did a story on Biden’s behavior around women and young girls.

Joe Biden hasn’t changed.

After several women said earlier this year that Biden had touched them in ways that made them uncomfortable, the former vice president and 2020 Democratic candidate promised to be “much more mindful” of people’s personal space.

But recent incidents tell a different story.

Last month, he called a 10-year-old girl “good-looking” at a campaign event. Then, this week, he told the brothers of a 13-year-old Iowa girl to “keep the guys away from your sister.” And in an exchange that went viral on Twitter, he wagged his finger at an activist, K.C. Cayo, who asked him about abortion rights.

Ultimately, Biden may not feel he needs to change his behavior very much. He’s long cast himself as an old-school candidate who can bring Democrats back to an earlier era — “the stand-in for a generation of Americans disoriented by changing mores,” as BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith put it. Given that, his refusal to alter the way he interacts with women and girls may be part of his brand. Biden is a candidate from a time before #MeToo entered its most public phase, and for some voters, that might be a selling point — to change himself would be to leave them behind.

For others, though, Biden’s behavior calls into question whether he would truly represent them as president. “Women and our allies are not going to tolerate politicians like this anymore,” Cayo told Vice News. “We’re sick of it.”

Biden’s recent comments recall a long history with girls and women
Biden has long been known for touching and standing close to women, earning the nickname “Creepy Uncle Joe.” But as Laura McGann wrote at Vox, the press treated the behavior more as a joke than as a serious issue — until this year.

In March, former Nevada lieutenant governor candidate Lucy Flores wrote in an essay at New York Magazine’s the Cut that Biden had smelled her hair and planted an unwelcome kiss on her head during a campaign event in 2014. Shortly thereafter, other women came forward to describe encounters with Biden that made them feel uncomfortable. The former vice president eventually released a video statement saying that “social norms are changing” and pledging to change along with them.

But the stories kept coming. At a Texas campaign event in May, he said to a 10-year-old girl, “I bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.” On Wednesday, he had a controversial exchange with a 13-year-old girl and her family at an Iowa event.

Joe Biden meets a voter’s granddaughter in an Iowa coffee shop and asks her age. She says she’s 13. He addresses her brothers. “You’ve got one job here, keep the guys away from your sister.”

— Liz Goodwin (@lizcgoodwin) June 12, 2019

The teacher of the girl who met Biden in Texas released a statement saying that the girl and her mother were “proud” of the interaction with the former vice president. But Biden’s comments in both instances were widely criticized, with some arguing that Biden was, intentionally or not, sexualizing the young girls involved. Remarks like these turn girls “from person to object,” Emily Peck wrote at HuffPost. “Ask any woman, and you’ll find she was once a little girl made uncomfortable by some adult talking about how she would grow up one day to be a ‘heartbreaker.’”

And on and on the story goes with more explanations of Joe’s inappropriate behavior. It’s the same type of creepy stuff we see all the time in 2022. Joe has not respected the personal space of young girls, and this photo is quite literally a parody of his behavior.

Here’s a closeup of the photo:

He looks like the star “ghoul” in a horror movie.

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Here’s what people online are saying:

“Sniff proof glass?”

“Good thing there was glass there otherwise they would have been sniffed”

“Oh he caught their scent for sure. That’s how he ended up at the window”

“Looks like something that could have come out of a Stephen King horror story.”

“Thank goodness for windows.”

“Who’s ready for a shower with the big guy?”

“Creep factor off the charts.”

“They actually posted this! I thought it was a meme joke at first but no. They actually posted this…”

Yes, they really posted this, and I can’t figure out why…. what do you think?

Are they mocking the people who are trying to keep kids safe, or did they actually think this was cute and funny?

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