[VIDEO] Kevin McCarthy’s Quest For House Speaker is Going Down in Flames

[VIDEO] Kevin McCarthy’s Quest For House Speaker is Going Down in Flames

The clowns in the Senate voted to keep that no-good RINO traitor Mitch McConnell as the minority leader, which is absolute insanity. That’s like electing Mitt Romney as the leader of the MAGA movement. Mitch does not represent a single solitary soul within MAGA. The only people he represents are Paul Ryan and The Lincoln Project. Personally, I can’t stand that guy. I dislike him, about as much as I dislike Biden or Pelosi… wanna know why? Because they’re the exact same people who are cut from the same globalist cloth and they’re all working together to kill the MAGA movement. The votes for Senate are anonymous. We’ll never know who voted for Mitch and who didn’t… if the Senate vote was like the House, where it was “public record,” we might not have a traitorous RINO as the “leader.” But let’s face it, the GOP senate is a complete and total joke and most of those senators are weak cowards.

And speaking of the House… McCarthy is another traitor. Trust me on this one. He’s just not as flagrant about it as Mitch. McCarthy does most of his anti-Trump work behind the scenes. But he is an old-school establishment Republican, from the “Paul Ryan” era, and he will do NOTHING to actually fight these commies or build up the America First movement. Sure, he’ll throw us a small bone here and there, just to keep us busy, but the plan is to install McConnell and McCarthy, and McDaniel – the traitor trifecta – so that Dems can continue to run the show and do whatever the hell they want.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that McCarthy’s bid for House Speaker is having some big problems… some would say it’s going down in a ball of flames.


Here’s what people online are saying:

“No to McCarthy!!”

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“We do not want another RINO as our leader. Enough!!!!” 

“NO, to electing Kevin McCarthy!!!”


“Elect Jim Jordan for Speaker!”

“Send McCarthy packing” 

“This is our chance to send a HUGE message to the GOP, don’t let up, keep applying heat” 

“I am so pissed that McConnell is a leader, so if we can get this guy out, I’ll feel a bit better” 

“Hard to believe it’s only 20. Should be a hell of a lot more than that. Get working guys, call your R reps and tell them what you feel. Don’t hold back”

“It’s now or never. We either make a move and take a head, or we lose another battle.” 

The people do not want any of these RINO traitors, and I believe all of you out there, are making your voices heard.

Now, I still think ousting McCarthy is a long shot… I have a feeling he’ll wheel and deal some sneaky, RINO moves behind the scenes and secure his votes, but who knows? Maybe there will be an uprising. I’d say, keep contacting your GOP reps and let them know that if they vote for McCarthy, they will not get your vote next time around.

Maybe if we apply steady, constant pressure, we can help pull this off.

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