Report: Lindell Wants RNC Chairman Position; Doesn’t Care If He Gets Paid Or Not

Report: Lindell Wants RNC Chairman Position; Doesn’t Care If He Gets Paid Or Not

After Ronna McDaniel, the chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, “failed” in her leadership, according to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, he suggested making a long shot run for the position. He cited the massive losses the GOP suffered in the midterm elections.

The future of the Republican Party, according to Lindell, whose contested accusations concerning election fraud have drawn numerous lawsuits, requires “a new input to obtain a new output.” One of the most significant institutions in our nation needs a leader who understands how to manage a business, according to Lindell.


This week, the Trump supporter polled his Frank Speech TV audience during a live stream to gauge their support for his intention to challenge McDaniel.

He requested an email from them with their response, along with “anything unpleasant.”

He made the accusation that Dominion Voting Systems devices facilitated massive voting fraud, saying, “One of the things I will tell you…. [We] will never ever stop [trying] to get rid of these machines and make these the best elections in global history in our country.” Dominion has aggressively refuted his statements and sued him for defamation for $1.3 billion.

We need someone for everyone, and if God wills, I’ll fill that role, said Lindell.

McDaniel was criticized by Lindell for failing to address “election integrity” issues, and he added that even state chairs with whom he had spoken acknowledged their need for “fresh leadership.”

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According to him, he will make a statement early next week.

“Neither do I care nor do I know if this is a compensated position. He said, “I want to help save our nation.

Last week, outgoing Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY), who narrowly lost to Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) in the midterm elections for governor, said he would try to unseat McDaniel.

Earlier this month, McDaniel declared that she would run for reelection if her party’s members wanted her to. She would serve a fourth, two-year term as co-chairwoman of the RNC if elected. According to Politico, she has already received a significant amount of support, with roughly 100 of the 168 members who can vote pledging their support.

During the committee’s winter meeting in January, there will be an election.

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