[VIDEO] NBC is Now Reporting Yet Another Convoluted, Absurd Version of The Pelosi “Hammer Attack”

[VIDEO] NBC is Now Reporting Yet Another Convoluted, Absurd Version of The Pelosi “Hammer Attack”

Days later, and we’re still not any closer to getting real answers on this goofy Pelosi/Hammer story. The only thing that’s happened is that the media has been changing the story to suit the narrative. All the so-called “facts” they published early on, and what everyone ran with, mocked, and said didn’t “make sense,” have either been changed or omitted so the story makes more “sense.” It’s like trial and error, and we’re all watching it happen in real-time. Fake news at its best…

“Democracy.” 🙄

And it’s so obvious that this whole clown show is political. This is the new Dems “battle cry.” They want America to get out and vote their butts off for an 82-year-old millionaire drunkard named Paul Pelosi, whose wife is the most unpopular politician in Congress. I guess Joe and his team of nursemaids and Handlers don’t realize that Americans have had it with the clueless and out-of-touch political elites… or any elites for that matter.

I was on TikTok, and I saw this guy talking about how bizarre the whole Pelosi story was, so I stopped to listen, and not only was he so spot-on, and filled with common sense, but he also pointed out something we’ve all missed about that 911 call Pelosi made from the bathroom…very interesting indeed.

You can watch the video below:

@thesituationwithsuresh None of this is making sense…and there’s a reason why. #paulpelosi #nancypelosi #hammered #sanfrancisco #daviddepape ♬ original sound – 221B

Why on earth would Pelosi be in the bathroom, calling 911, and then hang up and rejoin a crazy nut, who wanted to murder his wife?

Also, I thought the cops who showed up were doing a welfare check, so there were two sets of different cops, responding to two different things, is that what the story is now?

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But wait, we’ve got a new version from NBC now. Apparently, it was not a “mysterious 3rd person” who opened the door for police, as the media first reported. Now, we’re being told it was Paul Pelosi himself.

So, the crazy hammer-wielding guy who was there to murder Nancy, just let Paul answer the door?

How long was he in the bathroom for, then?


Here’s what conservative influencer Benny Johnson had to say: “BREAKING: Paul Pelosi opened the door for cops, did not flee or declare emergency, walked back to the attacker in the house, then was ATTACKED!? WHAT!?”

I’m sorry, but this makes zero sense.

You can watch the video below:

They are trying to sell us a strange story here, and things are just not adding up.

UPDATE: things just got a helluva lot stranger. Now, NBD and The Today Show deleted and scrubbed this story from their websites and social media.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“So, the San Fran DA lied to all of us?”

“Release the videos. I’m tired of conspiracy theories being promulgated by the media”

“The story just keeps changing and getting weirder and weirder”

“DUI Pelosi getting more cover from corrupt law enforcement.”

“Ok if someone “breaks into” my home and I can get to the door to let the police in the absolute last thing I would do is go back inside. Of course they break in they aren’t getting the chance to go very far… that is all I’m saying”

“Everything is not what it seems.”

“Let’s please remember one very important take away: The Pelosis were harboring an illegal alien. That happened to be Pauls gay lover.”

“I smell a rat!”

“You ain’t gotta be a farmer to know the smell of Bullshit”

“WTH! This story changes ever day and becomes more and more bizarre by the minute. What we do know is that we dont know WTH really happened! I sense a coverup! Something is not right about this case.”

“Pauly P is a battered husband, beaten by Nancy when she is drunk, which is often, who was assaulted by his illegal alien gay lover. Now that makes the most sense.”

“In less than a week, anyone repeating this will be accused of spreading disinformation, if the trend continues to hold.”

“More fishy than the Smollett story.”

“What an absolute cluster f^**! (literally and figuratively)”

“How did the attack happen in front of cops ? There was no shouting no signs of disturbance so why didn’t Pelosi flee outside when cops arrived ? This stinks like all red flags false flags inside jobs. This is seeking sympathy at election time we’ve seen it all before”

You’d have to be a real dummy to believe all these different stories being told. It’s absurd.

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