New Mom Dies After Doing Cocaine On Her First “Party Night” Out After Giving Birth

New Mom Dies After Doing Cocaine On Her First “Party Night” Out After Giving Birth

A new mother, who was only 23 years old, went out for the first time since her baby was born and ended up dead at someone’s house, after doing cocaine with two strangers she met in a bar. The woman had given birth a few weeks before she set out for a night of “fun” with her sister. Things got a bit too wild, however, and she died after taking the drug. And now the two “strangers” she met in the bar are on trial for her death because they were the ones who gave her the cocaine that ended up killing her.

What a sad, avoidable mess.

The New York Post reported that a new mom died after taking cocaine on her first night out following the birth of her baby, a UK court has heard.

Becky Tollan, 23, died at a house in Lanarkshire, Scotland, after partying with her sister-in-law and two men they met at a local pub.

The men — Barry McAuley, 40, and Martin Stewart, 34 — have been charged with culpable homicide after allegedly providing Tollan with the Class A drug.

The duo’s trial began Wednesday, with Tollan’s sister-in-law, Pamela Tollan, taking the stand to recall the brunette’s tragic death.

“Becky started shaking,” Pamela emotionally told the court, according to the Mirror. “I just thought she was cold to start with. I was saying: ‘What is happening to her?’ I was shouting: ‘Becky! Becky!’ “

The pair were sitting alone at a table when two drinks arrived, allegedly ordered for them by McAuley and Stewart.

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The women subsequently went over to talk to the two men and soon began drinking with them. Pamela told the court that Tollan then asked the men if they had any “stuff.”

“I knew exactly what she meant … asking if they had any cocaine,” the devastated sister-in-law stated.

One of the men allegedly produced a “wee bag” of the drug before Tollan disappeared to the bathroom to purportedly ingest it. The group later moved to a house in the area, where the new mom allegedly consumed more cocaine.

Jurors heard Rebecca took cocaine in the toilet before the women returned to the two men.

They all then eventually went to the house in Bellshill.

Pamela recalled seeing four lines of cocaine on a black plate.

After Pamela returned from the toilet, there was only one line of the drug left.

The prosecutor asked the witness at one stage: ‘Did you take a line?’

She replied: ‘No as I am a bit of a scaredy-cat.’

Pamela told the trial she later saw more cocaine and believed Rebecca took some.

The prosecutor then asked the sister ‘Were you concerned about the amount she was taking?’

“Becky was her own person. No matter how much you told her, she would not listen,” Pamela declared. “I did tell her: ‘You do not need it … you are having a good time’. I told her to stop because you do not need it.”

After spending time at the home, Pamela and Tollan were getting ready to leave when the new mom suddenly began to start shaking and fitting.

Stewart — one of the men accused of providing the cocaine — purportedly asked Pamela if Tollan had “epilepsy.”

“I said no. He put her in the recovery position,” Pamela recalled, claiming that Tollan was “constantly” fitting and was bleeding from the mouth after biting her own tongue.

Emergency crews were called to the home but were unable to save the new mom who was declared dead.

Her sister said that she abstained from using drugs or drinking alcohol while she was pregnant, and thinks that perhaps her sister’s system was overwhelmed by the drugs when they hit her system, after just giving birth a few weeks earlier.

Very sad story. I’ve never been a “drug user,” but it sounds like she really ingested a lot of drugs in a relatively short amount of time. I’d also wonder if the cocaine was laced with something.

The sad part is that this child will now grow up without his mother, and these two “random” guys could end up in prison for the rest of their lives.

Gee, what a “fun” night out.

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