Former Fox News Producer Points Out Something Very Curious About The Paul Pelosi Story

Former Fox News Producer Points Out Something Very Curious About The Paul Pelosi Story

Something very curious happened with the Paul Pelosi Hammer story… and no, I am not talking about the NBC story that totally and completely contradicted everything Dems and the media told us happened that night between Paul and some nudist hippy from Berkley, who magically turned into a “Trump supporter.” Although, truth be told, that NBC story was the likely catalyst for what happened next…

So what’s going on with Pelosi story now?

Well, nothing, actually.

Because this sobering story of so-called “political violence” has magically disappeared from the headlines. And it went FAST. It disappeared as fast as NBC deleted their story about Pelosi calmly answering the door when police arrived, and telling them nothing was wrong.


Yes, after breathless coverage, and likening the “Hammer Incident” of 2022 to the January 6th attempt to overthrow the US government (lol), this harrowing story about an 82-year-old man, a hammer, and a hemp-loving Trump supporter, just *poof* disappeared from the headlines as if it never even happened.

Here’s what former Fox News producer Kyle Becker said about the disappearance: “Remember the Paul Pelosi story? Boy, those headlines disappeared fast.”

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So, why did this happen?

Well, for starters, NBC accidentally told the truth, and even though they quickly deleted it, the video was saved by many people and the damage was already done. The countless different narratives we had been told about this bizarre story were incorrect. NBC was reporting off the official police report, and now we know for a fact that Paul answered the door (there was no third person) and he was perfectly calm and told officers that nothing was wrong.

If you ask me, this entire thing was a personal situation between Paul and this man, and Nancy couldn’t reach Paul, so she had the police do a wellness check and Paul’s exploits were exposed and everything we saw and heard after that, was done to concoct a story, including the broken window and the 911 call.

That’s my “conspiracy theory.”

Here’s what people are saying online:

“Didn’t it? Of course Nancy didn’t waste any time telling people to vote instead of asking for prayers”

“And the Kari Lake “powder” stories never even appear on msm”

“Looks like Hammer Time is over” 

“nancy is busy cooking up another reality TV show episode.”

“Well, when truths started coming out the media had to dissappear the story quickly.”

“Good for a week of blaming GOP for violence. Media did their thing.”

“It’ll be back, ready to whip out when needed.”

“The Clinton Method of dragging it out until it could be memory holed – and – apparently – short term memory loss is on the rise.”

“Remember russia invaded Ukraine? Yep that one disappeared too.”

“After they deleted a NBC News report that didn’t conform to the narrative”

“Didn’t they, though? It is like the whole story evaporated once the fact checkers came out.”

“Fast but not nearly as fast as AOC got shut down after she questioned why capitol police opened the doors at the capitol. NBC foiled their narrative this time by contradicting the FBI…plus they hope that, if it goes away, we’ll stop asking for bodycam & security footage…”

“They got what they wanted out of it”

“Headlines like that get deleted faster than Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

“He wanted outa the closet. Nancy wouldn’t allow it. Case closed. Headlines Wiped. Back to normal business folks.”

“NBC made a whoopsie and ruined it for the rest of them”

“Not quite as fast as Darrell Brooks headlines. Think anyone on the left even knows he was convicted?”

“Yep. They just kept digging their own hole deeper every time they adjusted the story and it was more unbelievable than the original.”

NBC ruined the game and after that story aired, the calls for releasing bodycam footage were growing louder and louder.

Dems knew they couldn’t do that, so they had to make the story go away.

In my opinion, this is proof positive that this was a hoax and a coverup of something else.

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