Pelosi Claims Dems Wins Were In Spite Of Those Who Questioned Their Messaging

Pelosi Claims Dems Wins Were In Spite Of Those Who Questioned Their Messaging

After the party won a majority in the Senate and more seats than projected in the House, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declared that Democrats had defied history and those who questioned their messaging.

Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto was predicted to defeat Republican Adam Laxalt on Saturday, giving Democrats a majority in the Senate with Vice President Kamala Harris serving as a tiebreaker. The outcome of the House is still in doubt, but Democrats have taken back seats that were predicted to fall to the Republicans.

In an interview with ABC News’ This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Pelosi said that overall, Democrats approached the midterm elections differently and in a good way. Historically, the party in power has anticipated losing a sizable portion of its congressional seats.

Pelosi stated, “It was never anything we ever embraced when the Washington pundits claimed we couldn’t win because history, history, history. The future is what elections are about.

She commended incumbents and candidates who succeeded in flipping seats, saying they knew their constituents’ needs and rebuffed requests from Washington to alter their messaging to appeal to more voters.

Our message was crystal clear, she said: “Person over party.” “Lower prices, higher salaries, and safer neighborhoods. A woman’s right to make her own decisions was also respected by them. They understood how crucial it was to safeguard our democracy. They were able to win because they were aware of the differences between themselves and their opponents.”

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Pelosi expressed her hope that people took the Democrats’ victory as a lesson.

When individuals declare that something is over 18 months before an election, Pelosi added, “Really, it depresses the vote sometimes.” We never consented to that.

As she did in interviews before the November elections, Pelosi declined to say if she would seek the speakership if Democrats were to win a majority in the House.

She added, adding that she wished it would be faster, “I’m not — right now, I’m not making any comments until this election is over and we have a little more time to go.” Pelosi asserted that she has “no plans” to leave Congress any time soon.

Pelosi claimed that the conclusion was extremely different from what some people would have anticipated, with Democrats holding the Senate and having a solid vote in the House.

Regardless of the result, Pelosi said, “we’re on the road to bringing our country to a better place rather than with being pulled down by the other side.”



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