Look For Pelosi to Make THIS BOLD Move Next

Look For Pelosi to Make THIS BOLD Move Next

You look at Nancy Pelosi and you wonder, why is this vodka-embalmed woman, who’s like 187 years old, running for office again? How much insider trading does she need to do before it’s finally enough? Trust me, Pelosi doesn’t want to give up her gavel and go back to being a lowly minority leader, and heck, what if she doesn’t even get that much? It could happen, the party is growing tired of her and there are some real rumors about replacing her. So, why on earth is she running again? That’s the big question and many people have theories, but the one that investigative reporter Paul Sperry shared a while back is the one I think makes the most sense.

Now that the midterms are over, and the GOP will likely take control, many are wondering what the heck will happen with Pelosi is another big question mark. Look, we all know, no matter what, Dems have to get rid of Joe, he’s obviously got dementia, and he can’t lead, and it’s gotten to the point of absurdity. They can’t hide it, Joe is getting worse every day, now.

But what will happen with Pelosi, who’s also not a spring chicken or very bright, mentally?

Well, Paul Sperry actually shared two theories from a San Francisco Gate piece, and I am on board with the first theory. But the second one, where he claims Pelosi is thinking about running for “higher office” sounds absurd to me. I mean, even she has to know that’ll never happen. She’s ancient and well past her prime, and I think her approval rating is like six percent or something.

No, I highly doubt that will happen, I don’t think even Pelosi is that out of touch. But it’s the first theory he shared that is very interesting, and it’s perfect for a narcissist/control freak like Nancy.

The theory claims that Pelosi is coming back to The House, and will even deal with a humiliating demotion (for a short time) so she can retire midterm, and then tag-team her daughter, Christine, to take over her seat and carry on her disgraced legacy.

Yep, Bingo…that sounds like something Nancy would pull off, doesn’t it?

Also, keep in mind, Pelosi started talking about “retirement” right after her husband’s so-called “attack.” So it feels like the table could be getting set for this as we speak.

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SF Gate reported that if Pelosi goes the way of former House Speaker John Boehner, Ryan’s predecessor, and retires early enough in her term, a special election will be called to fill Pelosi’s San Francisco congressional district. Special elections are typically of the lower turnout variety where only the most politically engaged participate — but California’s new universal vote-by-mail rules could change that.

There has been persistent chatter in Democratic circles that Pelosi’s daughter Christine, who is a California Democratic Party delegate, could seek that seat, as could state Sen. Scott Wiener, another favorite of Democratic establishment types.

Here’s what Paul Sperry said in a tweet that’s no longer available, since Twitter suspended his account a while back (of course):

“Nancy Pelosi Will Run for Re-Election in 2022. Why? To tag-team daughter Christine into her seat after she retires midterm (after losing majority & her speakership)? Or does she have ambitions for higher office (Exhibit A: staging “defiant” Taiwan trip)?”

That seat of hers is like a monarchy throne, being handed down from one crooked generation to the next.

And this way, Nancy can still get her inside stock tips. She’ll be on a feeding tube, still demanding to know all the insider trading tips from her communist daughter.

I mean, honestly, why don’t we put laws in place to stop these evil, senile elderly people from wielding all of this absolute power?

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