Here’s Your Most Recent Proof That Lindsey Graham is a Deep State Operative

Here’s Your Most Recent Proof That Lindsey Graham is a Deep State Operative

Well, ballot harvesting won out in Arizona, folks. Yep, harvesting mail-in ballots magically gave the “win” to a candidate who refused to debate, and looked and sounded like a deer caught in headlights every time she was asked a serious question. That’s right, basement Katie, somehow pulled out a “victory” against the vivacious, popular, well-known former local news anchor, Kari Lake. I mean, does anyone actually believe this nonsense? Seriously?

I feel like I’m in a scene from the movie “Groundhog Day” … our worst nightmare has come true, again. We were beaten by two things: the GOP establishment, and a tsunami of mail-in ballots… And in truth, those were two things that beat us back in 2020 as well. So here we are again, hoping we could flood the polls and beat the “fraud margin.” But that didn’t work in most cases, so we need to admit finally that we can’t “vote” our way out of this mess…. and that sucks. But don’t give up, because we can HARVEST our way out.

It’s time to stop dooming and glooming over elections. No, we can’t “vote” our way out of this, but we can harvest our way out. It’s time to figure out how to ballot harvest better than Dems do.

Look what just happened in Arizona.

Thinking mail-in ballots will suddenly go away because of the Constitution is like thinking Trump winning in 2016 meant the swamp would be instantly drained. It was a cute idea, but we were not understanding how our rotten government operates and how these demonic Dems fight, And just because you have an R by your name does not make you an ally of ours — we’ve learned that one the hard and ugly way. Also, let’s not forget how our courts have been compromised and turned into “activism” free-for-alls. I am sorry, but this is our reality. So, it’s time to learn to harvest ballots.

Thanks to Dems, our elections have turned into a circus, and the American people no longer have faith in them.

I saw this tweet from podcaster Eric Matheny and I think it sums up what happened in AZ nicely: “Katie Hobbs has created more election deniers in the past two weeks than all the Internet rabbit holes could in the last two years.”

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What happened in 2020 was a shocking and disgusting display. I can’t think of anything worse to do to the American people than make them feel uneasy and untrusting of their elections. And this isn’t about a few “fringe” election deniers. The majority of the country can see what’s happening here.

The media and Dems have shamed us like usual as conspiracy theorists for questioning what’s happening. They have told us to move on and said that we can fix it by getting out the vote… well, we got out the vote, we flooded the polls, and in these “certain” states, we still couldn’t win.

Why is that? … we all know why.

But it’s not just Dems shaming us. It’s the vultures in the GOP who do it, too.

Just look what Lindsey Graham had the audacity to tweet out and then delete.

The internet is forever Lindsey.

This tweet proves once and for all what a Deep State stooge and traitor Lindsey Graham is. Clearly, he’s been in on the whole thing and was hoping, somehow we’d all be fooled by the wonderfully “fair” 2022 elections and realize how wrong we were about 2020.

Are you kidding me?

Watch this:

This midterm disaster has actually fortified what a sham 2020 was. If you were on the fence over the outcome of 2020, the 2022 midterms should have settled the score for you.

Folks, if we don’t start getting serious about removing these top-tier RINOs from their posts and their leadership positions, we’ll never win again. That means traitors like Lindsey, McConnell, McCarthy, and McDaniel.

Welcome to the “Great Reset” where an election will take as long as it needs to in order for the Democrat candidate to win, and old-guard Republicans” are perfectly okay with that.

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