Well, Now We Know… Queen Elizabeth Was Actually Very Fond of President Trump

Well, Now We Know… Queen Elizabeth Was Actually Very Fond of President Trump

It’s not a surprise that Queen Elizabeth was fond of President Trump. Trump is a very likable guy. That’s why, up until he beat Hillary Clinton, the entire world loved him. And what’s not to love? President Trump has always been a very generous billionaire, and he has a great sense of humor, and he’s also self-deprecating, which everyone loves. That shows humility, and also shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously, which is very rare with today’s narcissistic elites. So, of course, the Queen liked Trump and was amused by him. President Trump is a larger-than-life character… I’d guess he’s either as “big” as the Royals or bigger. I just don’t think you can find someone on the planet right now, who’s more talked about and recognized than Donald J. Trump.

But it’s this charming story about Trump’s visit to the UK that you will really love. The story comes to us from witnesses who were there at the time and recall what happened when President Trump accidentally broke royal protocol during his official visit to the UK, and how the Queen was not the least bit mad or annoyed by it. She actually found it amusing and endearing.

That’s a sure sign that you really like someone, right?

GB News UK reported that the Queen’s reaction to seeing images of herself walking next to Donald Trump has been revealed.

Friend of Prince Philip, Gyles Brandreth, claimed that instead of being offended by Trump’s gaffe, she was amused.

Donald Trump was welcomed by Queen Elizabeth to Windsor Castle as the official part of his visit to the UK drew to a close.

The Queen was not offended by the faux pas according to a friend of Prince Philip, Gyles Brandreth.

Her Majesty greeted the then US leader and First Lady Melania Trump in the quadrangle of the royal residence.

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Mr Trump spoke of his admiration for the Queen in an interview with the Sun ahead of the encounter, in which he called her a “tremendous woman”.

However, as the Queen accompanied Mr Trump along the quadrangle where the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards were waiting, he accidentally broke royal protocol, walking ahead of Her Majesty.

The Queen was forced to walk around him instead.

Royal protocol determines that people must always stand when the King or Queen enter the room, curtsy or bow, and never turn their backs on them.

In an upcoming biography, Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait, it is revealed that the Queen was not offended by the faux pas and instead found it funny.

An excerpt published by the MailOnline claims: “Far from being offended, she was amused.

“And that night, when the Queen saw herself on television, bobbing about behind him, she laughed out loud.”

That’s very sweet. I am 100 percent certain that President Trump had no idea he was breaking protocol. After all, we’re Americans, we haven’t got a bloody clue about what goes on with royalty.

But it’s nice that she was fond of him. You could tell they had a good time together when he was there, and Trump has said on many occasions how fond he was of her, as well.

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