Bill Maher: Repubs Will Take Back Congress And Try To Remove Biden For Any Cause

Bill Maher: Repubs Will Take Back Congress And Try To Remove Biden For Any Cause

Republican election deniers will win in Tuesday’s midterm elections, according to Bill Maher, who warned HBO’s Real Time viewers on Friday.

Maher told his audience that numerous GOP candidates had erroneously asserted that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election are on the ballots around the nation. Some of them who have the authority to certify elections have declared that, if elected, they won’t accept the results of any future elections.

In his final monologue, Maher said, “Well, we had a good run. Rules are soon to be abandoned. Voting “for the one party that still stands for democratic preservation,” Maher urged his audience to do.


However, he continued, “It’s also a waste of breath because everyone who believes that is already voting, and anyone who needs to learn it isn’t watching, and no one in America can be persuaded of anything anymore.”

He made an electoral forecast for Tuesday. Democracy is on the ballot, but regrettably, it will lose, he declared. And when something is gone, it’s gone.

Republicans, according to Maher, will take back Congress and try to remove President Joe Biden for any cause, no matter how absurd.

When facing the Trump-Kari Lake ticket in 2024, he remarked, “Biden will be a crippled duck. It won’t matter and won’t make sense. “And it doesn’t matter if Trump wins or loses. He will appear on January 20, 2025, whether or not his name is on the list. And this time, he won’t take no for an answer because he will have an army of election skeptics supporting him that will be elected in four days.

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The Republican candidate for governor in Wisconsin, where the GOP has already outrageously gerrymandered the electoral map in its favor, claimed, “Republicans will never lose another election in Wisconsin if I’m elected governor,” he pointed out.

The country’s elections, according to Maher, will be frauds.

Make no mistake, many people’s way of life will be completely different since our elections will only be for show, just like in China, Russia, and all the other countries Trump claims are “very strong.”

He said, “So yeah, I urge you to vote.” I’ve always been a realist, though. Democracy, I’m afraid, is just like the McRib. It’s now here. It will continue to exist for a little while. So, take advantage of it now.


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