Thousands Of Amazon Workers Stage Walkout Strike On Black Friday

Thousands Of Amazon Workers Stage Walkout Strike On Black Friday

To pressure the firm into raising wages and improving its climate policies, thousands of Amazon employees are organizing strikes and a walkout on Black Friday. As part of the “Make Amazon Pay” campaign, workers from more than 40 nations, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and India, are participating in the protest.

According to Christy Hoffman, one of the campaign’s organizers, “it’s time for the tech giant to stop their bad, harmful practices immediately, follow the law, and negotiate with the workers who want to make their jobs better.”


Due to complaints from its workers about unfair labor practices and attempts to unionize at some locations, Amazon has been under fire recently.

This season, organizations like Greenpeace and Amazon Employees for Climate Justice are supporting advocacy initiatives.

The demonstrators claim that Amazon did not pay income tax in Europe last year in an effort to press for greater wages.

Amazon continued to achieve new revenue levels in the second quarter of this year, pulling in $121 billion.

A firm spokeswoman defended the business’ actions, especially its commitment to greener regulations.

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According to David Nieberg, head of public relations at Amazon in the UK, “While we are not perfect in any way, if you objectively look at what Amazon is doing on these key subjects you’ll find that we do take our position and our influence very seriously.”

By 2040, Amazon wants to have net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

The e-commerce behemoth “continues to offer competitive compensation and fantastic benefits and innovate new ways to keep our employees safe and healthy,” Mr. Nieberg continued.




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