President Trump Has a Very Endearing Reaction to Elon’s “Reinstate Trump” Poll

President Trump Has a Very Endearing Reaction to Elon’s “Reinstate Trump” Poll

I love President Trump. He’s so quirky and fun, and at times, he’s just like a kid, and I mean that in a good way, like a young-at-heart-spirit. Of course, at other times, he’s a ferocious and powerful lion — the king of the jungle, or the swamp… But I think that duality is part of what makes President Trump so appealing, he’s just like us, only a helluva lot richer and more powerful. So, today, he got word that Elon Musk started a poll, asking if Trump’s account should be reinstated back on Twitter. The poll has over 14 million responses. It’s crazy how much attention and energy Trump stirs up.

It’s also interesting what Elon found when he started the poll — I actually think he did this poll on purpose as a “trap” to catch the left and expose the power of their bot army.

And it worked. 

Now, in case you don’t really understand what a “bot” is, here’s this explanation from Bloomberg:

On Twitter, bots are automated accounts that can do the same things as real human beings: send out tweets, follow other users, and like and retweet postings by others. Spam bots use these abilities to engage in potentially deceptive, harmful or annoying activity. Spam bots programmed with a commercial motivation might tweet incessantly in an attempt to drive traffic to a website for a product or service. They can be used to spread falsehoods and promote political messages. In the 2016 presidential election, there were concerns that Russian bots helped influence the race in favor of the winner, Donald Trump. Spam bots can also disseminate links to fake giveaways and other financial scams. After announcing his plans to acquire Twitter, Musk said one of his priorities was cracking down on bots that promote scams involving cryptocurrencies.

2. Are bots allowed on Twitter?
Yes, although company policy requires such accounts to indicate that they’re automated. The platform has even launched a label for “good” bots, such as @tinycarebot, an account that tweets self-care reminders. Spam bots, however, aren’t permitted and the company has policies meant to combat them. Users are encouraged to report policy violations. The company locks accounts with suspicious activity. To get back in, users may have to provide additional information such as a phone number or solve a reCaptcha challenge, which entails completing a puzzle or typing in a phrase seen in an image to confirm they’re human. Twitter also can permanently suspend spam accounts. Musk said in April that he wanted to improve Twitter by, among other things, “defeating the spam bots, and authenticating all humans.”

Elon is convinced that left-wing bots have taken over the poll. He can actually see it happening in “real time.” Even so, Trump is still winning the poll. But you have to imagine how much the left uses these bots to artificially pump up Biden’s so-called “support,” and fake support for all of their unpopular agenda items and terrible ideas.

This sounds like such a CIA-type “color revolution” move.

But I think in the end, Elon has already decided that Trump’s account will be reinstated, and why shouldn’t it? He did NOTHING wrong, for crying out loud, and he’s a candidate for the 2024 election.

And Trump has maintained that he won’t come back to Twitter, but I have my doubts about that.

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But we’ll see what happens… In the meantime, I loved this very endearing Truth post that President Trump posted about the Twitter poll.

What I would like to see is President Trump use all forms of social media and communication to get his message out to the American people.

And Truth is “home” for him, so he can use that platform to be a little more loosey-goosey and relaxed and engage in the trolling that he enjoys and is very good at!


President Trump has been reinstated.

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