One of The Smartest Guys in Politics Explains Exactly Why Trump Took a Jab at DeSantis

One of The Smartest Guys in Politics Explains Exactly Why Trump Took a Jab at DeSantis

If you read my articles, you know that I have been telling everyone for months now, that establishment neocons and #NeverTrumpers have been plotting to use DeSantis to thwart Trump, get their foot back in the door, and destroy MAGA.

Many, many, many of you have been butt-hurt over what I said and called me names and went on tirades. I really don’t care, because what I have been saying is the truth, even if some of you don’t want to hear it.

But now, with Paul Ryan, Lincoln Project, and Jeb Bush coming out in support of DeSantis 2024, and Ron, sitting there quiet as a church mouse, not saying a word, it’s more clear than ever that something is going on behind the scenes.

This is what Lincoln Project said about DeSantis:

”Ron DeSantis is the hot young starlet in the MAGAverse. DeSantis has taken everything from Trump but his trophy wife. DeSantis and his team are already picking out curtains in the White House and enjoying the January 6th Commission’s devastating attacks on Trump,” asserted Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson.

“DeSantis is taking Donald’s political money, dominating Trump in the headlines, and getting rave reviews from Fox and the conservative media,” Wilson added. “Trump is impotent, weak, and lost on how to fight back against a younger, thinner, and flashier version of himself.”

Even the most butt-hurt among us, has to admit that something is up, right?

Now, before I get a bunch of hate mail, I am not saying that DeSantis isn’t a great Florida governor. On the contrary, I think Ron DeSantis is a remarkable governor… The problem with Ron isn’t how he’s running Florida, it’s that he’s not showing loyalty to the guy who helped him win a REALLY tight race.

And politics is a game of loyalty, is it not? You can pretend that’s not how it is, and nobody needs to “pledge” anything to anyone, but that’s just you being gullible because politics is a dirty game built on a foundation of loyalty and disloyalty.

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It’s like Game of Thrones, only with less attractive people and no “real” swords, just symbolic ones, used to stab people in the front and back.

See, DeSantis would not be governor if it wasn’t for Trump who helped him win a race that he was in real danger of losing. And now, after the sham 2020 election, and Trump rightfully looking to reclaim his throne, DeSantis is sitting back oh-so-quietly, while all the NeverTrumper’s and neocons court him, lavish him with praise, and stroke his ego — people like Paul Ryan, Jeb! Bush, Ben Shapiro & his neocon/Trump-hating crew at Daily Wire, and the disgusting and loathsome Lincoln Project.

I’m sorry, but if Paul Ryan and Rick Wilson are praising you, you have an obligation to shut that down, immediately:

“Thanks for the kind words, guys, but our political goals don’t line up. I am 100 percent America First, and you’re globalists, so while I appreciate the gesture, unless you’re ready to revamp everything you believe in, we’re probably not going to work well together.” 

That’s all he’d have to say.

But he won’t, and that is very troublesome.

Because Ron DeSantis is the vehicle in which neocons and NeverTrumpers are plotting to launch their comeback and retake control of the GOP. They’re all rallying around him for a reason, folks… because they know if they can get him into the White House, they can control him, unlike Trump, whom they can’t control, only sabotage, and that’s starting to backfire on them, so they need a new plan.

And the media, who also wants “anybody but Trump,” would play ball, and we’d go back to the old days before President Trump came along and disrupted everything. That “fake” two-party system game would be back in play, and we’d get tossed a couple of bones here and there, just to keep us quiet, and people like Paul Ryan and GW Bush would pull the strings behind the scenes, and the DC swamp could breathe a collective sigh of relief.

And some of you may say, “Well, DeSantis is a disrupter, look what he’s done in Florida.” And I’d agree with you. He’s done things his way, but that’s not how it goes on the national stage. Sorry, but that’s the truth. DeSantis is a politician, he’s not an outsider. The swamp fears outsiders, but they know they can control a politician.

Sorry again, but that’s the truth.

And if you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll listen to Richard Baris, one of the most well-respected pollsters in the business and one of the brightest minds in politics.

Here’s what he said about the Trump/Desantis jab last night.

Unless Ron comes out and disavows these warmongering globalists who have helped Dems destroy this country, he can’t be trusted on the national stage, ever.

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Charlene Greenway
2 months ago

Anyone wh* Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy are for, I’m ag*inst. In my opinion Tr*mp would have gotten so much more done if Ryan hadn’t been speaker for his first two years and McCarthy is all talk and no do and a back stabber as well.

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