Kayleigh: Trump Needs To Postpone Nov 16th Announcement; DeSantis Needs To Campaign For Walker

Kayleigh: Trump Needs To Postpone Nov 16th Announcement; DeSantis Needs To Campaign For Walker

The former Trump press secretary turned Fox News host, Kayleigh McEnany, pleaded with the former president to put off making a significant statement next week that is anticipated to make a bid for the presidency in 2024.

Donald Trump hinted to a “big announcement” on November 15 before of Tuesday’s midterm elections, which many believed to be the beginning of his reelection campaign.


The outcomes of the midterm elections have put a wrench in their plans: not only did the anticipated red wave not materialize, but Ron DeSantis, the most likely Republican opponent to Trump in 2024, managed to win Florida with a resounding victory. Meanwhile, many of the fringe candidates that Trump supported lost, leading Republicans to reflect and later denounce Trump as an albatross.

McEnany, who served as Trump’s press secretary during the chaotic final months of his presidency, claimed on Fox News on Wednesday that Georgia, where there will be a run-off between incumbent Democrat Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker, may once more decide the Senate’s composition.

She declared that the Georgia race “requires every ounce of Republican enthusiasm, every last ounce, because it might potentially be what makes or breaks the Senate.” “Finishing the job of Herschel Walker.”

“I understand the impulse to bring up 2024. Not at all. We’re still in 2022. The Biden program needs to be stopped with every ounce of Republican vigor, she continued.

Does Trump fall under that? questioned Harris Faulkner, a Fox anchor.

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McEnany declared, “I think he ought to put it on hold, without a doubt.” “He will choose for himself.”

Faulkner then inquired twice more about whether Trump should travel to Georgia to support Walker, and McEnany’s response is sure to annoy her old employer.

Given what transpired last night, I believe Governor Desantis should be welcomed,” she remarked. “You need to consider the ground realities. We must take back the Senate. I’m done now. I must take the Senate.

McEnany’s counsel should be followed: Democrats pulled off a stunning victory in Georgia in 2020, taking both senate seats in a shift that gave them control of the Senate and led many Republicans to accuse Trump of spreading untrue allegations of election fraud.

No matter how wise her counsel is, don’t count on Trump to heed it. There are no signs that Trump is altering his plans for an announcement on November 15, according to Maggie Haberman’s article on Wednesday.





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