UPDATE: Adam Frisch Just Called Lauren Boebert to Concede

UPDATE: Adam Frisch Just Called Lauren Boebert to Concede


Lauren Boebert’s House race was too close for comfort, but in the end, she pulled out the win, and now the automatic recount has been triggered. That’s how tight the race was. I know that gets scary for those of us who have watched Dems “find” boxes of “missing” ballots at the most opportune times, but honestly, this race should be done, recount or not.  The Denver Post reported that more than a week after the midterm elections, incumbent U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert was poised to hold on to her seat in Congress even as her Democratic challenger, Adam Frisch, on Thursday narrowed the gap between them enough to force an automatic recount.

Only Moffat County still had ballots left to report in Colorado’s massive 3rd Congressional District as of Thursday night. A representative of the Moffat County Clerk’s Office told The Denver Post they plan to report a final tally of just 25 remaining ballots Friday.

The straggling tallies reported by election clerks in Mesa, Pueblo and other counties on Thursday came from ballots mailed by Colorado voters outside of the state, which could be counted so long as they arrived by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday. Ballots requiring additional signature verification could be counted until then as well.

Boebert, a Republican, began Thursday with the 1,122-vote lead she’d held since late last week, but that shrank to 543 votes — out of 326,915 cast — by 5:55 p.m., according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office. That’s under the automatic recount threshold of about 819 votes, a number equal to half of 1% of the top vote-getter’s tally.

The automatic recount process will last until December but is unlikely to change the result of the race.

The liberal-leaning Denver Post is being very realistic here, by stating that the chances of this tally changing are very slim.

Now, we’re dealing with the cheating Dems, so could something happen? Of course, but it’s unlikely.

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As of Thursday, voters are no longer able to fix any problems that may have caused their ballots to be rejected. Wednesday marked the last day that military and overseas ballots could be accepted.

Starting on Friday, audits will begin.

“County must finish tabulating all in-person and accepted mail ballots cast by voters registered in the county for the November 8 General Election,” the 2022 Election Calendar for Colorado reads pertaining to Nov. 18. “Immediately after completing this tabulation, the county must also generate a summary results report, a results file export suitable for uploading to the Secretary of State’s ENR system, and a CVR export. (Complete by 10th day after election day)”

Tabulation results must be exported to the Secretary of State’s reporting system no later than 5 p.m. on Friday.

Lauren is so confident that she even took a victory lap and thanked all her supporters.

You can watch the video below:

of course, the left is melting down over this “victory lap” Lauren took. What isn’t the left foaming-at-the-mouth over? But anything to do with Lauren triggers them. They had all celebrated so joyfully on election night, thinking sh was gone. Joy Reid and her hateful panel even suggested that Lauren should start an “Only Fans” account since she’d be out of a job.

Disgusting, vulgar people.

In the end, it looks like Lauren will be back where she belongs.


Well, it’s over. Adam Frisch has conceded. Lauren officially won her race.

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