Walker Has Legit Chance To Defeat Warnock As Voting Begins

Walker Has Legit Chance To Defeat Warnock As Voting Begins

The day before the midterm elections, Herschel Walker, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Georgia, maintains a commanding lead over Sen. Raphael Warnock, a Democrat.

In the most recent Trafalgar group survey, Walker is in the lead by three points and is expected to receive 50% of the vote against Warnock’s 47%.

President Donald Trump notably gave Walker his support in 2021, elevating the former NFL player’s political status.

Herschel Walker is a good friend, a patriot, and a superb American who will make a GREAT senator for the United States. He epitomizes ‘America First’ and Georgia’s winning attitude,’ Trump stated in his support.

Walker has had Trump as a steadfast supporter throughout the challenging weeks of campaigning in the Peach State, shielding the well-liked Senate candidate against a number of media-driven smear attacks.

In October, Trump said that “the Fake News Media and obviously the Democrats are slandering and maligning Herschel Walker.” “… It’s crucial that Herschel Walker wins this election for our nation and the wonderful state of Georgia.

Additionally, the Trafalgar poll revealed that current Republican Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp had a nine-point lead over Democrat candidate Stacey Abrams. Georgia is set to turn into a true conservative bastion after Tuesday if the Senate race there goes red.

Walker stated on Twitter in late October, “I’m a Warrior for God, racing against a wolf in sheep’s clothes and a hypocrite. I’m prepared to go out there and battle for all of you because the Lord has prepared me for a time like this. It’s time to give the PEOPLE back this seat.

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We have outstanding candidates. Voting registration is booming. The Democratic side lacks enthusiasm, he continued. “The Biden agenda is at stake in this election. People dislike fentanyl, open immigration, high crime, and high inflation. That is what we are referring to. Therefore, Mehmet Oz, Ted Budd, Herschel Walker, and Adam Laxalt are all expected to prevail. In Arizona, I believe we have a great chance, and in New Hampshire, I believe we have a great chance. In Washington and Colorado, I believe we have a chance. We may even have a chance in Connecticut, depending on the voters there. Consider this: we are vying for seats in half of the Democratic Party. So, we’ll get at least 52.

The NRSC “described exactly who the Democrats were, we did the first day I came in this job, and we’ve done it all along,” Scott continued, noting that the issues are on the side of the Republicans.

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Charlene Greenway
2 months ago

I’ve been praying for a red wave on 11/8 for months, tonight I will be saying extra prayers for all the GOP candidates and h*pefully people will vote responsibly tomorrow.

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