Report: Walmart Shooter Purchased Firearm Legally Morning Of Shooting

Report: Walmart Shooter Purchased Firearm Legally Morning Of Shooting

A “death letter” that the Walmart manager who shot and killed six coworkers in Virginia left behind apologized for what he was about to do while also blaming others for making fun of him. According to a letter that was left on Andre Bing’s phone, “Sorry everyone but I did not plan this I swear things just fell in place like I was lead by the Satan,” Chesapeake Police said on Friday.

Police added that Bing had no criminal history and that the pistol, a 9 mm, had been legitimately acquired the morning of the shooting. The names of particular people he referenced were somewhat blacked out of the memo.


He said he was “harassed by idiots with low intelligence and a lack of knowledge” and that the idea that his phone had been hacked had driven him to the brink.

“My only desire would have been to start again from scratch and that my parents would have paid closer attention to my social deficit,” he stated in his essay. Bing reportedly shot himself in the head and died there.

Bing was difficult and reputed to be aggressive toward employees, according to Bing’s coworkers who survived the shooting. Bing appeared to target individuals, according to a survivor, and fired at some victims after they had already been struck.

According to her, a coworker seated next to her pushed her under the table to hide after the shooting began. Bing allegedly told her to leave the table at one time, according to the woman. Jessie, go home, he instructed her after realizing who she was. She claimed that after slowly rising, she quickly left the shop.

The rampage has baffled former coworkers and citizens of Chesapeake, a community of around 250,000 people near the coast of Virginia.

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Bing’s 11-paragraph death letter waffles at points and makes references to songs and unconventional medical therapies. When compared to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, he recoils and declares, “I would have never killed anyone who entered my home.”

And although he claims he doesn’t deserve a wife, he longs for one.

If you would get to know me, I was truly one of the most loving persons in the world, he wrote.

Bing, 31, was known to several of his coworkers as an aggressive, if not hostile, boss who once acknowledged having “anger issues.” He could also make others laugh, though, and he appeared to be coping with the ordinary workplace challenges that many people face.

In his personal life, “I don’t think he had many people to fall back on,” said Nathan Sinclair, a former employee of Walmart who spent about a year there before quitting earlier this month.

During office conversations, “we would say things like, “Work is devouring my life. On Thursday, Sinclair recalled how (Bing) would respond with, “Yeah, I don’t have a social life anyway.”

According to Sinclair, Bing and he did not get along. Bing wasn’t especially loved and was infamous for being “verbally nasty” to employees, according to Sinclair. Bing was occasionally jeered at and not always treated kindly, though.

The victims have been named by the police as Brian Pendleton, 38; Kellie Pyle, 52; Lorenzo Gamble, 43; Randy Blevins, 70; and Tyneka Johnson, 22, of nearby Portsmouth. All of the victims are from Chesapeake. A 16-year-old boy, whose identity was withheld due to his age, was also among the deceased, according to the police.

In an email, a Walmart spokeswoman acknowledged that each casualty was an employee of the business.

According to authorities, two more people who were shot are still in the hospital. The other is in fair to improving condition, while the first is remains in critical condition.

Briana Tyler, a different Walmart employee, claimed that Bing appeared to fire arbitrarily.

“He was simply shooting all over the place. Whoever he hit didn’t matter, Tyler told the AP on Wednesday.

The shooting, which occurred shortly after 10 p.m. while people were stocking up for the Thanksgiving holiday, also injured six other individuals. According to the police, there were at least 50 individuals inside the shop at the time.

It was discovered that Bing was an overnight team leader who had worked for Walmart since 2010. He reportedly possessed one weapon and multiple magazines of ammo, according to police.

Tyler reported that the 15 to 20 members of the overnight stocking staff had just assembled in the break room to discuss the morning schedule. Bing entered the room and started firing just as another team leader was about to speak, according to Tyler and Wiczewski.

Bing was the manager Tyler, who started working at Walmart two months ago and had only recently worked with, claimed she never had a bad experience with him but that he was “the manager to look out for.” She claimed that Bing has a habit of falsely accusing individuals.

The incident was Virginia’s second significant shooting this month. On Nov. 13, three University of Virginia football players who were returning from a field trip were tragically shot while riding in a bus. Two more pupils suffered injuries.

An individual opened fire at a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, just days before to the massacre at Walmart, killing five people and injuring 17. The massacre on Tuesday night brought back memories of another Walmart incident in 2019, when a shooter killed 23 people inside a store in El Paso, Texas.

The Virginia shooting victim, Wilczewski, claimed she tried but was unable to visit a memorial in the store’s parking lot on Wednesday.

She explained, “I drafted a letter and I wanted to put it out there. “I wrote to those whose deaths I witnessed. And I apologized for not being louder. I apologize if you didn’t feel my touch. But you weren’t by yourself.

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