Trump: Weird Things Going On In Pelosi Household

Trump: Weird Things Going On In Pelosi Household

Speaking about the assault on Paul Pelosi, former President Donald Trump said that what we now know is only “the beginning.” According to Raw Story, Trump appeared as a guest on The Chris Stigall Show on Tuesday and discussed his opinions on the occasion.

How do you interpret the events that occurred over the weekend at the Pelosi home in San Francisco? Stigall enquired.


Well, there have been some strange occurrences in that household during the past few weeks. You know, it’s probably best that we keep quiet about it because — because the glass appears to have been smashed from the inside to the outside, which means that it wasn’t an intruder; rather, it was a breakout. I’m not sure. You know, I hear the same things that you do,” remarked Trump.

Stigall pressed, “The 911 call seems to imply that he knew the identify of the man.

“Yeah. Yeah. There is a lot of terrible stuff in it. Even if I don’t like Nancy Pelosi, what’s happening there is terribly terrible.

Stigall would go on to assert that there is more to the story than has been disclosed to the public.

In all seriousness, Trump continued, “This is, I guess more than the traffic accident, it looks to me.” He was alluding to Paul Pelosi’s DUI arrest from back in May.

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David DePape, the accused attacker, was undoubtedly a “deranged man,” Stigall would add. “Yeah. It’s — everything about it is insane. If there is even a hint of truth to what is being said, it is insanity, according to Trump. However, the police were strangely present, essentially standing by from the moment the incident began, despite the fact that the window had been shattered.

“So, I’m not sure. That will need to be explained to your audience. You’re going to have to explain it to everyone, including me, because it’s far simpler to understand China than Russia, he said.

We will eventually learn more, Stigall predicted. “I believe that this is just the beginning. It appears to be a sad circumstance, and that is true. Very sad, in fact,” Trump said.


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Charlene Greenway
3 months ago

Whatever it takes to distract people from the biden crime family and the state of the country under biden, the democrats will do, even if it means sacrificing one of their own.

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