Nevada Senate Race: Chill Out, We’ll Be Done Counting Next Week

Nevada Senate Race: Chill Out, We’ll Be Done Counting Next Week

While the nation impatiently awaits election results for the state’s Senate seat, election officials in Nevada’s largest county announced on Wednesday that ballot counting will continue through next week, while the bulk of 2022 ballots may be counted by Friday.

The deadline for mail-in ballot verification is Tuesday, November 15, and the latest date for making the final, unofficial election results public is Thursday, November 17. These dates were announced at a news conference by Joe Gloria, the Clark County Registrar of Voters.


Gloria reported that the county received an additional batch of more than 12,000 ballots in addition to the more than 14,700 ballots they did not count but will enter the system by Wednesday night.

Every vote cast on Election Day, except from provisional ballots, has been tallied, he continued.

Gloria remarked, referring to Nov. 11, “More than likely on Friday is when we’ll have the majority of the ballots counted.”

Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), the Democratic nominee, and Republican contender Adam Laxalt are neck-and-neck in a fight that will determine which party controls the Senate.

The contest for the governor’s office between Democratic incumbent Steve Sisolak and Republican opponent Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo is also too close to call.

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Clark County, the most populous county in Nevada and home to the city of Las Vegas, has finished counting more than 595,000 votes.

According to Gloria, mail-in ballots can arrive up to Saturday, and voters have until Monday to remedy any mistakes or mismatches on their ballots.

The county’s election website will post results as they come in, according to him, and there will be a news conference each day to provide updates on the ballot counting procedure.




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