30-Year-Old, Healthy Billionaire Just Died Suddenly in His Sleep

30-Year-Old, Healthy Billionaire Just Died Suddenly in His Sleep

The financial world has been rocked to its core. A young, healthy, Crypto billionaire has just died suddenly in his sleep. This man was the picture of good health, so what could have happened? Well, I could list a slew of young, healthy people who have died suddenly in their sleep over the past year or so, and that’s not normal, is it? Gee, what were people doing differently over the past year, that they haven’t done before? Any ideas?

Of course, we all can see the big, awkward white elephant in the room, and its name is “CV” which I think you can figure out what that stands for.

You’d think the press would be all over this, investigating everything, and searching high and low for answers about why these young, healthy people are dropping like flies.

But they’re not. They either don’t want to know the actual truth or they are being told to just leave it alone. Either way, this whole situation should be criminal.

And now, here we are yet again, with another young death. Do we know if this latest death is connected to the “CV”?

No. We don’t, but experts, without a political bias (if those even exist anymore), should dive in with both feet to find out the truth one way or the other.

Yahoo News reported that Tiantian Kullander, the influential young founder of cryptocurrency company Amber Group, died suddenly in his sleep on Nov. 23, the company confirmed.

The group had just received a $3 billion valuation earlier this year, and was in the process of raising another $100 million—a meteoric success in which he played an integral role after launching Amber in 2017 with a group of finance insiders, including former Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Morgan Stanley workers.

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His meteoric rise continued, and in 2019 he earned a spot on the Forbes Under 30 list.

“He put his heart and soul into the company, in every stage of its growth. He led by example with his intellect, generosity, humility, diligence and creativity,” the company wrote in a statement confirming his death on their website, commemorating him as a “devoted” husband and “loving” father.

Known affectionately by his peers as “TT,” the company remembered him as a “respected thought leader and widely recognized pioneer for the industry.”

“His depth of knowledge, his willingness to collaborate and his desire to always help others benefited countless start-ups and individuals. His insights and creativity inspired many projects, people and communities.

“We lost a great partner and a true friend in TT and words cannot express our sorrow at this time. TT’s legacy will live on and we will work even harder to make Amber the category-defining leader of our industry, as this was TT’s ambition and dream.”

Further details surrounding Kullander’s death were unavailable—except for the fact he passed while asleep.

There’s a really scary pattern forming here…anyone’s who paying attention can see it.

And what a shame that this obviously brilliant, and very driven young man lost his life at such a young age. I hope that his family gets the answers they deserve, so they can find some semblance of closure and peace.

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